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  • Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority #184333
  • over 190,000 users from 195 countries
  • Over 5 years in business (established 2009)
  • Uses investment grade banks for client funds
  • Client deposits are held in segregated bank accounts
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Losses can exceed deposits. Your capital is at risk.


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  • Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland
  • Used by 200,000+ traders
  • Over 11 years in business
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Ayondo Review

Trust Rating A
  • Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority #184333
  • over 190,000 users from 195 countries
  • Over 5 years in business (established 2009)
  • Uses investment grade banks for client funds
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Ayondo Review

A Review & Guide to Trading with Ayondo

The trading platform Ayondo was initiated in 2009 out of Germany. Espousing the ever-increasing popularity of the "social trading" system, Ayondo aims to connect small- to medium-sized investors with their top-tier traders. Thus, this can be seen as being as much of an educational platform as a simple online trading system. For anyone who may wish to join this site, it is important to take a look at some of the key metrics before fully committing.

Underlying Assets

Ayondo offers a host of different instruments to trade. These include:

  • More than 30 currency pairs (Forex)
  • CFDs
  • Major Asian, European and American indices
  • Bonds
  • Precious metals
  • Larger blue-chip companies such as Coca-Cola and Starbucks

This is notably different than some other platforms which only specialise in one field or another. Thus, the average trader has a great deal of options to suit his or her individual tastes and levels of exposure.

Educational Services

Currently, Ayondo claims to offer over 1,000 "top-level" traders. However, it is important to note that only a handful have garnered an appreciable number of followers. This therefore calls into question the efficacy of the bulk of these investors. However, those who do have followers are said to provide steady returns; many of these have been with Ayondo for over two years. These traders can be followed based upon criteria such as their profit-loss ratio, followers or their trading frequency.

The performance of these traders is graphically displayed within the Ayondo interface, so determining who is the best suited can be quite easy. A complete transaction history can likewise be viewed and their overall performance is tracked alongside the major indices. This is particularly important to observe longitudinal results. While the "interactive" aspect is not necessarily like the forums and live communication that is seen on other sites, the hard data provided can serve to provide much clarity and insight.

Time Delays and Slippage

These factors have been a concern with other social trading sites and are therefore worth mentioning. Slippage is defined as the difference between the levels that a top trader closes at and the figures that a follower receives upon execution. As both trades will be performed through the same platform, this proportion is actually kept to a minimum. Of course, part of this will be associated with the speed of the computer in question. Succinctly, both time delays and slippage are negligible.

Trading Levels

As one progresses with Ayondo, there are different trading levels which will be enjoyed. These vary from "Street Trader" to "Institutional". Additionally, the commissions that the trader will be paid FROM Ayondo will increase with each level (assuming that their performance remains constant; one can also be downgraded for poor trades). Once a trader has more than 500 dollars, pounds or euros in an account, he or she will receive what is known as a "Money Trader's Badge".

Interface and Functionality

Billed as "Next Generation Trading", their TradeHub system is quite streamlined and easy to work with. It should therefore not take beginning long to pick up on the basic layout and functionality. The platform can be customised to the discrete preferences of the user; affording a faster trade execution. Cash balances and margins are clearly displayed as are the trading products. Filters can be adjusted to suit specific interests. OCO orders are likewise available and importantly, guaranteed stop-loss amounts are automatically included with a position. For those who are executing multiple trades or are following the maximum number of five "top-tier" investors, such a fluid platform is essential. This software is also available for smartphone users.

The Verdict

Overall, Ayondo seems to be one of the fairest trading systems currently available. This is in no small part due to the fact that no commissions or fees will be charged to the trader. Combined with amenable entry levels and the ability to follow up to five experts, such social trading indeed has its benefits.

There are nonetheless a few drawbacks. As the number of top traders is still limited, overall results can be skewed in either direction. Another significant disadvantage is that the client is unable to view which trader has contributed the most to their performance in either direction. This may make interpreting results a bit difficult.

Nonetheless, Ayondo is still growing. Should the number of top traders continue to increase, this platform may very well become extremely diversified. As a fully functional demo account can be activated, it will be easy for the potential client to appreciate the overall functionality before making any final decision.

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  • Website

    Min. Deposit: €100

  • Services Offered:

    Social Trading, CFD, Spread Betting

    Min. Trade: Varies

  • Instruments:

    Indices, Currencies, Shares, Commodities, Interest Rates & Bonds

    Max. Trade: Varies

  • Excluded countries:


    Margin: From .5%

  • Platforms:


    Leverage: 200:1

  • Apps:

    Android, Apple

    Commission: None

  • Payment & Withdrawal:

    Payment methods Payment methods

Ayondo Pros & Cons

Commissions and Fees

One of the most interesting aspects of Ayondo is that the client will not be charged any commissions or fees when following the trades of a broker. This arises from the fact that Ayondo receives remuneration from the Forex broker in question. These fees are derived from the spread so in many ways, everyone involved benefits. Another notable feature is that any trader who moves his or her current account to Ayondo will receive a cash bonus. Certain terms and conditions will apply.

On a final note in regards to monetary concerns, many analysts have noted that the entry levels to begin trading are quite amenable when compared to similar services. These can be 100 dollars, euros or pounds.

  • No deposit fees
  • No inactivity fee
  • Offers tight fixed spreads
  • Has guaranteed stop losses
  • Allows one click trades
  • Has trailing stops
  • Offers price alerts
  • Allows Hedging
  • Available in 4 languages
  • Charges deposit & withdrawal fees
  • Does not offer variable spreads
  • Does not allow Scalping
  • Does not offer EA integration and automated trading
  • Does not offer VPS services
  • Does not offer DMA/ECN/STP Account
  • Does not offer Islamic accounts

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Financial spread bets and CFD trades are leveraged products, which means you could lose more than your deposits. If you’re hazy on exactly what that means, you shouldn’t trade.