Spread betting is quickly gaining popularity in the financial world. With the many spread betting accounts offering these services, the market is quite competitive. Due to this competition, many spread betting brokers have developed mobile trading platforms. Here are a few pointers on how to download the best apps for online spread betting.
First, ensure you choose a good broker to trade with. Always go with a broker that is regulated by a trusted authority like the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.
Second, choose the app that suits your needs. to effectively know which to go for, you could do a test of each platform before downloading the app of your choice. What is important is your comfort when using the account.

In addition to having some of the best apps on the market, the brokers listed below are also regulated and highly rated spread betting firms around today.

best spread betting apps

Top 5 Spread Betting Apps

1. ETX Capital

The company has a substantial amount of experience in the market as it was founded in 2003. The company is passionate and serious with its clients as shown by the heavy investment in the trading platform and infrastructure.
The key features of this platform are the tight spreads they offer. A commission rebate scheme capped at £1,000 per month is also a key feature of the platform.
ETX Capital has a wide range of markets with around 3000 items to trade. There are also additional products which you can access on request. ETX Capital has mobile apps for Windows, Blackberry, Apple and Android devices.

2. Spread Co

Also one of the reputable spread betting platforms, Spread Co has a great platform with native apps that make it easy to use. You can easily navigate the platform with great risk management features such as stop loss/limit order functions. If you are a high volume trader, you will fall in love with their low margins, low financing costs, tight spreads and great useablitiy. The platform has a professional charting with powerful tools and what is more; the platform is quite innovative therefore very intriguing.
The platform has apps for Android, iPad and iPhone.

3. Core Spreads
Core Spreads is yet another top online spread betting platform. It has tight, fixed spreads so that you can trade for less. The platform is quite straight forward; you will feel quite at home trading on it.Being quite a straight forward platform, there is no clutter, just what is essential for you to use. On top of providing one of the most user friendly platforms available today, they are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

4. Easy Forex

Designed by an award-winning designer, Easy Forex is reputable for its intuitiveness at all levels. A unique feature of the platform is its ‘freeze’ functionality which enables you to freeze acceptance rates for up to 3 seconds. The functionality serves to reduce the spread and enable the trader to enter and exit superior trades at the point they accept.
You can ably be long and short at the same time while spread betting. Registration on the platform is easy and quick thereby saving on time. On registration, you obtain access to the trading platform which has numerous benefits.
Some of the benefits of Easy Forex is that you will have accessibility to over 300 markets globally from which you can do your spread betting. The more the markets, the more the options you have. The platform also provides fixed spreads and the implication of this is that the risk decreases tremendously thus you can invest boldly.
The trading platforms it runs on are; Web Trading, Trade Desk, MetaTrader4 and iPhone apps. The platform is also compatible with Windows OS making it accessible to users of Microsoft apps. The platform languages are multilingual therefore you can trade in a language you are most comfortable in. the platform has trade alerts which give you a sneak peak of the current trades that you might be interested in. In case, you do not have sufficient time to carry out all the manual procedures involved with spread betting, the platform’s automated trading will come in handy.

5. IG

Founded in 1974, the platform is a forerunner in product development offering its clients some of the most innovative tools and markets. IG has an estimated value of £3bn and it is a listed company on the London Stock Exchange.
The key features are; large balance sheets, an excellent platform, great data and sentiment tools and they also have a provision for use of stock as a collateral. Their spread width is 0.8 points for trades transacted in Euros.

Pure Deal, the platform it runs on, is secure and fast. The platform is web based and thus, you are not required to download it. It is quite an easy to use and a straight-forward platform. If you are an experienced trader you will fall in love with this platforms customisable features, providing options for the addition of trading extras like DMA prices, multiple deal tickets and buffer limits.
IG has mobile apps for Windows, Blackberry, Apple and Android devices

image credit:Eduardo García Cruz