10 Forex Scams & Unregulated Brokers to Avoid

Forex traders with little experience can be deliberately targeted by unregulated and deceptive brokers, as well as other so-called industry professionals, attempting to fraudulently obtain their money. Regulation of this relatively new industry is continuing to improve and provide traders with protection and peace of mind. However, there will always be shady operators, setting traps […]

How to Choose the Best Online Trading Platform For You

How to Choose the Best Trading Platform Previous to the advent of electronic trading platforms, trade orders had to be called in by phone and the fulfilment of the trade orders were left in the hands of the broker. The cost of placing a trade was much higher and the barriers of entry for traders […]

50+ Forex & Trading Industry Statistics & Trends

Researching the Forex & online trading industry? Below are some interesting statistics, charts, trends, and facts we found on the $5.3 trillion Forex market. We’ve split the forex statistics into seven sections: Forex Market Size Stats Currency Stats Forex Technology Stats Forex Trader Stats Forex History Forex Broker Stats UK Spread Betting Stats Forex Market […]

How to Trade News Events (Examples, Strategies & Tips)

News trading is a method of trading the markets that utilises economic and socio-political events to predict the possible direction of the financial markets. It can have a major impact on the markets, as the release of an important news event can cause traders to buy or sell assets based on their perception of the […]

Infographic: How Pokemon Go Influenced the Stock Market & Economy

Since its release, Pokemon Go has been breaking records in both the Apple and Android app stores. Apart from being one of the most popular mobile games ever, what impact has Pickachu and his pals had on businesses? In this infographic we see how Pokemon Go influenced the stock market and economy. If you found […]

Infographic: How did Brexit Impact the Currency, Stock & Commodity Markets?

It has almost been two months since Britain voted to leave the EU. But what impact did the unexpected vote have on the markets? In this infographic we explore the macro-economic impacts the vote had on the FX (forex), commodities, stock, and cryptocurrency markets. If you found the infographic useful, please feel free to share […]

The Top UK Brokers for Trading US Stocks Online

There are many advantages involved with trading equities out of the United States. Not only can the exchange rates be more favourable, trading hours could also benefit those who already have full-time employment. It is always important to evaluate which brokers are regulated and provide platforms for trading these equities. We have gathered the list […]

ETX Capital Demo Account Review

In this ETX Capital demo account review we uncover everything you need to know about the ETX platform from the sign up process to placing your first trade. Our initial thoughts on the ETX Capital demo account is. Quick and simple sign up Easy to use modern platform Simple to customise to suit your own […]

The Top 5 Spread Betting Apps for Trading on the Go

Spread betting is quickly gaining popularity in the financial world. With the many spread betting accounts offering these services, the market is quite competitive. Due to this competition, many spread betting brokers have developed mobile trading platforms. Here are a few pointers on how to download the best apps for online spread betting. First, ensure […]

Spread Betting vs Share Dealing: What’s the Difference?

Differences between spread betting vs share dealing and the pros and cons of each. The most significant difference between them is that in share trading you will actually buy and own the asset, share or stock that you are trading in. With share trading you have the ability to then sell them for a profit […]

Between 54-87% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Based on 69 brokers who display this data.