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Top Plus500 Alternatives To Trade CFDs

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Trading contracts for difference is becoming a popular method to trade the major markets. Trading CFD’s allows one to use leverage to trade much larger position than traditional stock market investing which can be a double edged sword. One of the most respected providers of CFD trading systems is Plus500. However, there are also alternatives which are worth noting. Let us look at what many consider to be the four popular alternatives to Plus500 as well as a handful of the features that are provided to clients.

Best alternative: ETX Capital

(Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, UK #124721)

This London-based electronic trading platform was first established in 2002 and since then, it has been very respected by both novice and professional traders alike. It should therefore come as no great surprise that ETX Capital provides CFD trading systems as well as other options. There are four different sectors which can be catered to through ETX. These are:

  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Equities
  • Currency pairs (Forex)

It is also important to note that there are a variety of subcategories within each of these sections. For instance, commodities include precious metals, energy segments and soft commodities (wheat, soybean and oats are a few). In the same respect, traders can take up positions within some of the largest markets in the world including the UK 100, the France 40 and the Germany 30. Forex pairs include popular currency relationships such as USD/GBP, EUR/GBP, USD/JPY and EUR/USD. Other worthwhile tools at the disposal of all clients are automated trading algorithms, market commentaries, guaranteed stop-loss orders and mobile-friendly architecture. ETX Capital is an excellent platform for experienced investors and those who may be new to CFD positions.


AvaTrade is a Dublin-based company that was founded in 2006. This firm has consistently scored very high in terms of flexibility and customer service. A minimum deposit of $100 dollars (or the equivalent currency) is required to activate an account. Miniature accounts, demonstration accounts, VIP accounts and segregated accounts all support CFD traded. Current investment portals include Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 4 mobile, ACT and AVA Mobile Trader. Much like ETX Capital, AvaTrade provides its customers the ability to embrace CFD positions. The primary categories which are currently offered include:

  • Stocks
  • Bonds
  • Commodities
  • Indices
  • ETFs (electronically traded funds)

It is also important to mention here that leverages of up to 200:1 are provided on all CFD positions. While this is an excellent means to maximise one’s profit margins, losses can be just as profound. Any leveraged position should only be utilised after the risks are well understood.

Spreads will vary and these will primarily depend upon the asset that is being traded. Some spreads are as low as 0.3 pips although these are liable to change. It is wise to consult their online trading conditions portal to learn more as well as to note any updated figures. A few other benefits in regards to AvaTrade include a compatibility with both Windows and iOS mobile devices, chart-based trading, one-click execution orders and demonstration accounts.


Claiming to be the largest online trading platform within Australia, Pepperstone has been a favourite of investors for years. While suited for novice traders, Pepperstone themselves state that they specifically cater to institutional clients. Their CFD options revolve only around indices (as opposed to some other online portals). However, they also deal with the largest indices in the world such as:

  • The France 40 Index
  • The EU Stock 50 Index
  • The UK 100 Index
  • The US SPX 500 Index
  • The US Tech 100 Index

This wide choice of indices provides investors with the ability to hedge one CFD position against another in real-time; critical to mitigate losses during unexpected market conditions.

Pepperstone is also known for their extremely low margin requirements. These are frequently associated with larger trades. Once again, margins should only be used after an in-depth appreciation of the risks as well as the potential rewards involved. A few other benefits to note are daily margin limits, the ability to activate a demonstration account and no less than $50,000 dollars (Australian) in funds once this account is confirmed.


eToro is another very well-known electronic trading platform. Currently based out of Limassol, this firm is advantageous in the fact that only %50 dollars (or the foreign currency equivalent) is required to establish a live trading account. It is also worth pointing out that eToro specialises in CFDs attached to blue-chip stocks within various markets. This system is one of the most liberal in terms of the instruments which are offered to the client. Some prime examples can be seen in flexible options such as:

  • Guaranteed stop-loss orders.
  • Guaranteed limit orders.
  • Islamic accounts.
  • Email and mobile phone alerts.
  • A compatibility with Mac OS, iOS, Windows and Android operating systems.

With low spreads and no hidden fees, any profits (or losses) which may be incurred are absolutely clear from the beginning. This is not often the case with other trading platforms. This company uses its own proprietary software. The three options are eToro OpenBook, eToro WebTrader and eToro Mobile Trader.

One a final note, social trading is highly encouraged by eToro. Streaming news feeds, commentaries and the ability to follow the most successful investors can give a novice client the advantages that he or she requires to succeed.

These are four excellent alternatives to Plus500 in terms of trading contracts for difference. While their advantages are clear, past performance does not necessarily indicate future results. CFD trades are not without their fair share of risks. Any investor needs to appreciate this concept before entering into the world of online trading.

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ETX Capital MT4 Platform

ETX Capital MT4 Platform Review

ETX Capital offer three different platforms for traders, and the MetaTrader 4 is one of them. MT4 is one of the leading online trading platforms and is a popular choice for online forex trading. When ETX Capital acquired Alpari in March 2015, they sought to provide a familiar trading environment for Alpari clients and that is why they installed the same MT4 servers. With the ETX Capital MT4 platform you can trade a wide variety financial markets including the indices, commodities, equities and currency markets.

Is ETX Capital MT4 Platform Right For You.

The platform is popular choice for:

  • Forex, Spread betting & CFD traders
  • Traders who want to use automated Expert Advisors (EAs)
  • Trading micro lots
  • Traders who want to use hedging
  • leveraged trading
  • Visit the ETX Capital MT4 page and find our more.


    For traders who prefer automated trading, this is the platform that provides it. ETX Capital has an AutoTrader platform that facilitates the use of automated Expert Advisors (EAs). Traders using EAs can set parameters for their trades and then wait for the automated responses. The advantage that traders get with this option is that one does not have to be in front of a computer to open or close trades. With MT4 automated trades, ETX Capital is responsible for the hosting while the traders provide the Expert Advisors.

    On The MT4 trading platform, ETX Capital has made sure that traders can take advantage of the all the opportunities available. The one click trading feature is what makes this possible.

    Another trading advantage that the ETX Capital MT4 platform offers is the ability to support multiple charts. Information is very crucial when trading and that is what charts provide. With multiple ones, traders get real-time data that they can use for decision making. The environment in different markets keeps changing, and it is essential to monitor them when trading. Real-time data shows all the fluctuations that may be taking place.

    The ETX Capital MT4 platform has a watch list feature. As the name suggests, this lists enables a trader to keep an eye on specific markets. With the drop and drag function on the platform, traders can add particular markets to the list.

    Trading on the MT4 platform offers traders favourable leverage rates of up to 400:1. Such margins increase the potential returns that a trader can get. Traders can also use micro lots, meaning that it is possible to trade smaller.

    MT4 on Mobile

    ETX Capital has a mobile app for the MT4 platform. Even with automated trading, traders still appreciate mobile apps. Traders can download the app on Android devices and iPhones and iPads from Google Play Store and iTunes. A trader can also get the app on Windows Mobile. Mobile apps are available in multiple languages.

    Visuals and Speeds

    Like other ETX Capital platforms, the MT4 is black in colour. Its tools are in red and blue buttons, so they are pretty easy to see against the black background. The layout does not have any complexities, making trading uncomplicated.

    When it comes to speed, ETX Capital has fast platforms. Traders can log into their accounts without experiencing lags.

    Signing Up

    The sign-up process on the MT4 platform is straightforward. ETX Capital provides a secure page where traders submit their details for sign up. There is also a registration bonus on sign up, and a trader has to tick a box to accept. The broker also offers a first deposit bonus that is dependent on several terms and conditions.

    The MT4 platform may seem a bit complex for some people, but ETX Capital offers educational resources that a trader can use. To find out more about what this top brokerage offers read our ETX Capital review.

    ETX Capital Demo Account Review (Updated 2016)

    ETX Capital Demo Account Sign Up Screen

    In this ETX Capital demo account review we uncover everything you need to know about the ETX platform from the sign up process to placing your first trade.

    Our initial thoughts on the ETX Capital demo account is.

    • Quick and simple sign up
    • Easy to use modern platform
    • Simple to customise to suit your own preferences
    • Instantly access relevant charting information

    To start practicing and trading with the ETX Capital demo account simply click here: ETX Capital demo account. Alternatively if you want to know more about ETX Capital, take a look at our full review of ETX Capital which also includes a video overview of the broker.

    Overview of the ETX Capital Demo Account

    It is popular option for traders to utilise a demonstration account before committing to a specific platform. ETX Capital offers this opportunity; a great choice for those who may be unfamiliar with how their platform functions.

    Sign Up
    The registration process is simple and some basic information is first required. These fields must be addressed:

  • First and last name.
  • Valid phone number (for future contact).
  • Functional email address.
  • Once these details are provided, the applicant will be immediately taken to the main demonstration account page. Please note that Adobe Flash Player needs to be installed in order to display all information correctly. Important to note that the demo account works on both Mac and PC.

    Page Layout

    One of the advantages of the platform offered by ETX Capital is that it is extremely intuitive and clean. From the default layout here are several features worth mentioning here. First, a drop-down menu of the most popular assets are listed on the left-hand side of the main page. These include:

    Forex positions
    Bonds and interest rates

    ETX Capital Demo Account - Popular Markets

    There is also a watch list which enables the trader to follow specific instruments the trader is currently involved in or potentially would like to trade. Cash balances, open/closed positions, reserved margins and available trading funds are all displayed along the top of this screen as well.

    The bottom portion of the main screen displays all currently open positions in a top-down fashion. Alerts, balances, transactions, trade history and open positions are clearly illustrated here and with the click of a button, each can be examined in more detail. These can be opened up in a separate window for streamlined interfacing.

    Platforms Available

    We should note here that with a demonstration account, the client only has access to the TraderPro software offered by ETX Capital. This is a proprietary framework which is preferred by many individuals. However, there is also the possibility of upgrading to the popular Meta Trader 4 system or a binary options alternative. Both of these will require the deposit of funds. Although the amount of money deposited will vary, the trader still has the advantage of enjoying a first-time bonus as well as a registration bonus (explained within the website).

    Assets and Allotted Demonstration Funds

    When a demonstration account is first opened with ETX Capital, the trader will be provided with €10,000 euros (or the monetary equivalent) of funds. These can then be used to immediately open positions within the aforementioned sectors. There are numerous unique assets to choose from. While these can be broken down into areas such as commodities, indices and equities, a drop-down menu within each category provides further options. Examples here can include major or minor European indices, country-specific equities, commodities such as metals or energy, short-term bond interest rates and CFD positions. With any of these options, the bid and the ask prices are displayed in real time. There is also a search bar which enables the user to quickly pull up a specific asset or trading position.

    Funds can always be added to this demonstration account and once the initially allotted funds have been exhausted, it is necessary for the client to upgrade to a live position in order to continue trading.

    Open a demo account with ETX Capital today.

    Spread Betting vs CFD Trading: What’s the Difference?

    spread betting vs cfd trading

    Spread Betting Or CFD Trading – Which Is Right For You?

    Very often in the financial world, people trade on assets that they do not actually own. These financial instruments have exploded in popularity in recent decades, thanks in part to the rise of the internet and the increasing ease with which individuals can get involved in trading. Two of the most popular means of doing this are spread betting and CFD trading. There are pros and cons to each of these two methods, which will be covered in this article.

    What is Spread Betting?

    Spread betting involves essentially betting on whether the value of a particular stock, share, indices or commodity will go long or short. You don’t own the asset, so there are no taxes to pay on gains but neither can you offset losses against gains elsewhere. Most spread betting is leveraged, which means that you put down a small deposit but trade for a much larger value. It’s important to understand the risk involved in this, because it means that if your trade does not go the way you expect it to, you could end up losing a lot more money than you put down. It’s not unique to spread betting but it’s important to be aware of it. On the positive side of things, it does also allow you to multiply your gains quickly with some well placed trades.

    What is CFD Trading?

    CFD trading meanwhile stands for Contract For Difference, which means that two parties will agree to exchange the difference in the opening and closing price of a contract. You can once again go short or long on your trades, so for example if you decide to go short on a trade and the closing price ends up being lower than when you placed the trade, you can profit on the difference. Much like spread betting, you never actually own the underlying asset you are trading on but you buy CFD units instead. This allows for greater flexibility than traditional share ownership, because your trades are self contained and you are not stuck with unfavourable shares from bad trades.

    Since you don’t actually own the underlying asset in either spread betting or CFD trading, you do not have to pay stamp duty on your trades. However, you do have to pay capital gains tax for CFD trading whereas you don’t for spread betting, so in terms of tax efficiency spread betting has the slight edge. The other major difference between the two is that spread betting has a fixed expiry date, whereas you can hold on to CFDs indefinitely except in some specific circumstances. Thus spread betting is more suitable for short term trades, whereas CFDs are better suited for longer term investments.

    The advantages of spread betting.

    1) Shorter trade duration, so your profits or losses are realised sooner
    2) No stamp duty or capital gains tax
    3) Easy to control your stake

    The disadvantages of spread betting.

    1) You own no underlying assets so your portfolio cannot appreciate in value
    2) Losses can easily be magnified with leveraged trading
    3) You cannot offset losses against other gains

    Visit our spread betting comparison page to find the best spread betting broker for you.

    The advantages of CFD trading.

    1) CFDs mirror those of the underlying asset, so if dividends are paid out on the underlying asset, you will get paid dividends on your CFD
    2) No expiry date, so you can hold on to CFDs for as long as you feel necessary
    3) You can offset losses against other gains

    The disadvantages of CFD trading.

    1) Since you don’t actually own the underlying asset, you don’t receive any voting rights associated with the underlying stock
    2) Interest is often charged on margin, so holding onto CFDs for too long can be expensive
    3) You are charged capital gains tax on profits

    Visit our CFD broker comparison page to find the best CFD broker for you.

    Regulated Brokers for Spread Betting and CFD Trading

    There are plenty of brokers for both Spread Betting and CFD Trading, so if you are interested in getting started you will be spoilt for choice. It can be hard to know who to go with when you’re just starting out, so below are some brokers for both spread betting and CFD trading.

    1. ETX Capital

    Trusted by more than 51,000 traders since entering the spread betting market over a decade ago, ETX Capital is one of the oldest and most trusted online brokers around today. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK and provide one of the widest range of instruments at the lowest spreads available. They offer spread betting, CFD and binary option platforms to suit any trader. ETX Capital offer a customisable platform to show as much or as little technical information you want in a platform and currently offer a great £20 no deposit bonus sign up bonus.

    If you want to find out more about ETX Capital, read our in-depth review of ETX Capital here.

    2. eToro

    eToro is a broker which sets itself apart from the competition by billing itself as a “social trading network”. This means that you can follow other people and copy their trades. This is somewhat like spread betting on a larger level, where you judge a person on their previous trades and decide whether their trades will be successful in the future or not. eToro is generally more of a passive means of investment, where you select certain investors to copy and let them make the trades. While you can become a Popular Investor yourself, which is what they call investors who get copied, it’s a slightly different means of trading than most brokers.

    3. London Capital Group

    London Capital Group is a broker with several trading platforms to choose from, which allows them to support a wide range of platforms from Mac and PC, to mobile and tablet as well as web based trading platforms. This allows you to make trades from wherever you are and on almost any device you might have access to. This is very important, particularly for shorter term trades like spread betting. LCG is a UK regulated broker and have a strong reputation for both CFD and Spread betting.

    4. CMC Markets

    CMC Markets is a broker with a pedigree name, supports both spread betting and CFD trading and allows you to trade across thousands of markets. It’s one of the biggest and best brokers available on the internet and is a great all around choice for online trading. It’s more traditional than eToro when it comes to investing, but if you trust your own trades above those of others then it’s a great choice.

    Spread betting and CFD trading offer similar means of trading on underlying assets without owning them, but there are some significant differences between the two which you should consider carefully before starting any trades. Always be aware that your capital is at risk and losses can exceed deposits, never invest more than you are willing to loose.

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    The 5 Best Online Stock Trading Sites With CFDs & ETFs

    best stock trading sites

    The Top 5 Sites To Trade Stocks With CFDs & ETFs

    Trading stocks and securities via the Internet has become a powerful tool reducing costs and decreasing the barriers of entry to becoming a trader. Whether utilising CFD (contract for difference) methods or ETFs (exchange-traded funds), there is indeed a massive opportunity for both individuals and institutional traders. While there is always a level of risk involved and losses can occur from time to time, the latest platforms are able to provide the insight and clarity required to make the most informed choices at the appropriate times. Let us now take a look at what many consider to be the top five regulated brokers for trading stocks online through CFDs and ETFs.

    1. ETX Capital

    ETX Capital was founded in 2002 and since this time, it has become another massive online broker. One notable benefit with this service is that there are three different types of trading platforms available. These are:

    • MetaTrader 4
    • ETX Trader Pro
    • ETX Binary

    Alongside this flexibility, ETX Capital offers competitive spreads that are seen as being some of the best in the business. As it is possible to activate an account for as little as $100 dollars (or the domestic currency equivalent), this site is ideal for those who are on a tight budget. Note that indices and commodities are also provided within CFD trades. A few other interesting additions to this website include guaranteed stop losses and limit orders, leverages of up to 1:400, one-click executions and demonstration accounts.

    2. IronFX

    IronFX has been an online broker famous for its fixed spreads (as low as 0.03 pips) and amenable commission rates (approximately 0.10 per cent for most CFD positions). With well over 50 stocks available, many astute traders will take advantage of such profitable positions. It should be mentioned that IronFX currently provides five different platforms to choose from which include:

    • MetaTrader 4
    • PMAM (Personal Multi-Account Manager).
    • WebTrader 4
    • Social Trader
    • AutoTrade

    Some common stocks include Cisco Systems, Citigroup, Bank of America, IBM, General Electric and Exxon Mobil Corporation. Leverages as high as 1:500 will help investors to further capitalise on such positions although it should once again be noted that increased leverages can equate to mounting losses within a short period of time. A handful of other amenities associated with IronFX include a minimum account size of $500 dollars, access within over 180 countries, the ability to follow experienced professionals and applications for both Android and iOS systems.

    3. CMC Markets

    Although CMC Markets has become famous throughout the world for an unrivalled access to Forex trades, it also offers an extremely impressive choice of CFD trades. According to their website, there are currently no less than 943 different shares available to members. Please note that these also include EFTs. Users can become involved with popular choices such as Lloyds Banking Group, Tesco, Rio Tinto and Apple shares (to name but a few examples). Spreads as low as 0.10 per cent will enable profits to accrue over time. Notwithstanding the variety of products offered, CMC Markets also utilises an extremely efficient trading platform. Over 80 different technical indicators, numerous charting tools, mobile-friendly access and a highly intuitive layout have all made this broker a popular choice.

    4. Ayondo

    Ayondo was first launched in 2009 and many have placed this virtual broker at the top of their list. A minimum deposit of only €100 euros is required to open an account while a demonstration version is available for up to 30 days before an investor is asked to join. Ayondo uses the TradeHub platform and this is seen as being an extremely user-friendly interface. Another unique feature in regards to CFD trading through Ayondo is that the traders themselves can become signal providers after having reached various benchmarks. This is a useful tool for others to employ, for it can augment the existing social media software.

    A variety of stocks are available such as blue chips, mid-cap shares, large-cap shares and small-cap holdings. The major advantage with this wide spectrum is that traders can employ multiple positions to hedge against any perceived market volatility. Some of the countries and indices used include the United Kingdom, the United States, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain. Although spreads are generally around .12 per cent (slightly higher than some other brokers), these are mainly attached to large-cap shares. On a final note, Ayondo provides numerous different educational tools such as webinars, trading tips, frequently asked questions and an online manual for those unfamiliar with TradeHub.

    5. Hargreaves Landsdown

    Hargreaves Landsdown was founded as far back as 1981 and boasts a solid reputation. Over 6,000 individual shares are active and commissions can be as low as 0.1 per cent. Although the number of shares may not be as high as some other brokers, it always needs to be mentioned that a highly intuitive platform and regular access to news updates are two major benefits. Hargreaves Landsdown pays particular attention to the fluctuations within the FTSE 100 market, so this broker could be an excellent option for those who mainly want to focus upon blue-chip shares out of the United Kingdom. A knowledge centre covers such topics as the principles behind ETF trading, investment trusts, split-capital trusts and many other useful tools. Although the overall platform may appear to be a bit “bare” when compared to Meta Trader 4 and similar systems, such clarity can actually enable trades to be carried out with extreme clarity. A dedicated application is available for iOS and Android smartphones.

    These are considered to be the top five stock trading websites for the coming year. Although each offers an opportunity to make considerable profits, markets can and will fluctuate. Therefore, only capital that can afford to be lost should be risked. Thanks to such modern trading tools, such risks have nonetheless been mitigated to a large extent.

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    6 Best Online Trading Apps for Android in 2017


    As an online trader it is important to be up to date with the latest movements on the stock market. Situations can change quickly so you have to be equally flexible and dynamic. Smartphones and tablets have given people the opportunity to revolutionise their trading and stay up to date with the latest news and trends. In order to this however you need a solid trading platform. Mobile apps are the solution and are now widely available. As well as making trading far more convenient they provide a secure environment to make sure the trades you make are as relevant as possible. In such situations it is important to have the best tools available to you, so for your convenience we have listed the top 7 online trading apps for Android platforms.

    All of the following apps are free to download and available on the google play store.

    1. MetaTrader 4

    MT4 is the most popular android app for online trading and for good reason, its large range of features and polished mobile interface have made it very popular with more than 50,000 reviews on the Google Play store. Some of its key features include: fixed spreads, microlots, technical analysis, customisable tracking graphs and an integrated financial calendar. As the most popular trading app on the Play store it has the added benefit of a large amount of online tutorials and guides to help you get started with the platform.

    If you would like to trade using the MT4 platform, ETX Capital is one of the most popular online brokers who use the platform and also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

    2. Trading 212 FOREX & Stocks

    Designed by Avus Capital, a well-known trading platform provider, this app is the second most popular on the Play store. It includes a wide variety of features and instruments for tracking your stocks and shares. It’s simple layout and intuitive controls offer greater usability than many of its competitors while sacrificing a few tools. Notable features include: over 400 financial instruments, financial news and analysis and tight spreads, even at news time.

    3. eToro – Mobile Trader

    This app has been built and designed by eToro, best known for their popular online social trading platform. As a well-established company it has excellent customer support for the app. eToro puts a lot of emphasis on its established community of users to communicate with, the app even includes a function to copy the trades of successful users.

    If you are interested in social trading and eToro, you can read our full review of eToro here.

    4. for Android

    This popular American company aims its platforms at experienced traders and this trend continues with its app. One of the leading platforms for the US market it has won awards for its customer service. However, the app hasn’t proved to be as successful as their other platforms. Although it is a powerful and fairly user friendly app some users have reported it having technical problems.

    5. Forex & CFD Trading by iFOREX

    The creators of this app are iFOREX, fairly recent entrants into the marketplace. The app includes a customisable layout and access to over 80 currency pairs. The app has received many good reviews and appears to be a solid piece of software. The trading platform even includes a special account for Islamic traders who wish to abide by the principle of no ‘Riba’ – a term used for unjust gains in business transactions. However, the company has received criticism for its lack of transparency, poor customer service and no free demo account available.

    6. DTMobile by Delta Stock

    Created by the South African company Deltastock this app is currently not very popular, but the users who have downloaded it seem to be very happy with it – the app, receiving a 4.1 star rating on the Play store. Their simple and attractive interface makes it easy to navigate, but as a new company they struggle to keep up with all of the features included in competing apps. However, their excellent customer service puts them in a strong position to continue to improve the app.

    Hopefully this has inspired you to check out Android apps, many of the benefits listed here can only be judged subjectively so it is important to try the apps out to find which one is best for you. As with all financial trading your capital is at risk. These apps are designed for experienced traders, however trial accounts are available on several of these apps and are a good way to build up experience without risk. Mobile apps provide many strengths over traditional trading and can greatly benefit you when used responsibly.

    Best 9 Forex and CFD Broker Promotions and Bonuses for 2017

    Searching for the best Forex and CFD bonuses and promotions to take advantage of the market volatility in 2017? When choosing a forex broker to trade with, it is critical to work with a forex provider that is regulated and authorised by a trusted regulatory body like the Financial Conduct Authority in the Uk or CySEC in Cyprus. We have done a round up of the best regulated brokers that are also offering the best promotions and bonuses for 2017.

    ETX Capital Mobile Trading Apps

    Below is the list of the top bonuses and promotions from nine of the best Forex and CFD brokers to choose from in 2017.

    1. Featured Broker:
    ETX Capital

    (Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, UK #124721)
    ETX Capital is a top choice as one of the most trusted and respected UK brokers, with a Brokernotes AA rating and Financial Conduct Authority Regulation. ETX Capital are currently offering 3 great promotions which makes them a top choice for traders.Their current promotions for online traders include:

    • £20 bonus for new customers just for opening an ETX TraderPro or MT4 account, no deposit required.
    • A 100% first deposit bonus, deposit £100 and get £100
    • First deposit up to £3,750 based upon first deposit amount

    Claim these offers and check out the full T&C’s here: ETX Capital 2017 Promotions.
    ETX Capital also provide three platforms for professional trading across a wide range of options. They also provide a very useful education service, allowing novice traders to gain insight into financial dealing.

    2 XM

    XM offers a matching sign-up bonus of 20 per cent for deposits up to $5,000 dollars. As these bonuses can be utilised as margins, positions can be kept open for longer periods of time than would otherwise be possible. XM also offer a no-deposit bonus of $30 dollars. There are no fees in regards to deposits and withdrawals while monthly contests offering $20,000 dollars in cash and prizes are offered to all clients.

    3 RoboForex/

    RoboForex offers several unique promotional offers. New users to RoboForex will receive a welcome bonus of $30 dollars when opening up an account. Should one’s account equity be more than $300 dollars, a free-of-charge VPS server is automatically made available. During working hours, funds can be automatically withdrawn at the convenience of the client. No commissions are added to any trade with RoboForex ; they are already included in the initial spread. Leverage amounts of up to 1:1,000 are possible while depending upon the size of the deposit, matching bonuses of up to 115 per cent are possible.

    4 ForexTime/

    Providing leverages of up to 1,000:1 and spreads as low as 0.1 pips, FXTM is another respectable online Forex trading platform. Six different account types and over 100 different trading instruments likewise allow FXTM to be quite versatile. Instant withdrawals and no-fee deposits are two promotional benefits to take into account.

    5 EXNESS/

    EXNESS is regulated by CySEC and the IFSC. It also utilises the vaunted MetaTrader 4 Forex trading platform. Bonuses of 10 per cent are provided for all deposits and re-deposits. These funds can be used towards a margin position. Bonuses of up to 50 per cent are available for all deposits up to $5,000 dollars. This is an unlimited promotion and will last throughout 2017.

    6 XTB

    With an initial deposit of £5,000 pounds, traders will receive no less than 10 per cent cash back when trading with certain promoted lots. These can be withdrawn once the promotional date has expired. Additionally, all clients can enjoy up to 1.1 per cent interest on their balances. Should a friend be referred and join XTB, this friend and the initial client will both receive £40 pounds towards their trading account.

    7 FiboGroup

    FiboGroup is regulated by CySEC and the FSC. New and active traders of FiboGroup are able to receive an impressive bonus of 100 per cent when they open up a platform utilising the MetaTrader 4 framework. A minimum deposit of $300 dollars (or the equivalent amount in a different currency) is required.

    8 TrioMarkets

    TrioMarkets is regulated by CySEC, the FCA and BaFin. Boasting more than 15 years of experience within the online trading community, this platform provides a deposit of up to $4 dollars per lot for every single trade. After trading for more than two weeks, there are also withdrawal rebates available. A minimum of $500 dollars is required to open up a standard account with TrioMarkets .

    9 Easy-Forex

    Easy-Forex provides its clients with the ability to receive as much as $300 dollars in risk-free cash when trading options. There are a number of affiliate promotions available as well for Easy-Forex. Those who introduce new brokers to Easy-Forex can receive up to $50 dollars in lot rebates as well as commissions of 10 per cent regarding a sub-affiliate trade. A sign-up bonus of 20 per cent is provided for new accounts of up to $2,000 dollars. Users can also enjoy a risk-free first trade for amounts not exceeding £200 pounds.

    FX Open

    FX Open offers a bonus of $10 dollars for all new STP accounts. Micro-trading positions can likewise enjoy a bonus of $1 dollars after an initial deposit. It should be noted that there are special promotions for PAMM managers. These can include a minimum deposit of only $200 dollars, floating spreads from zero pips and no trading strategy restrictions.

    While the Forex and CFD markets are not without their capital risk, these are nonetheless considered to be the top eight online trading promotions for 2017. It is wise to check back regularly for additional updates.

    A Comparison of Leverage Offered by Forex & CFD Brokers


    Leverage is a common instrument used by Forex traders from all walks of life. The main principle behind a leveraged position is that with a minimal initial outlay of money, the individual can proportionally leverage a much larger sum.


    Of course, the positive benefit here is that should he or she be in a winning position, the amount of profit to be enjoyed is much larger. However, there is also a downside to this strategy.

    Should the trader be in an “out-of-pocket” position at the close of the trade, an immensely negative balance will be the end result. It is for this reason that only experienced Forex investors should use this tool; there is a substantial amount of risk involved. Let us now look at some of the leverages which are offered by a selection of the most reputable online brokers. – 1:888 Leverage

    One of the first benefits of is the fact that the trader can enjoy leverages that are as high as 1:888. This figure is applicable to Forex positions as well as gold and silver trades.

    Leverages of 1:100 are available for CFDs and oil. Besides providing handsome leverages to their clients, the company boasts a solid reputation that can be traced back to 2009. There are four different accounts available and Islamic trading is welcomed. also hosts the useful Meta Trader 4 platform; one of the most transparent and functional which is currently available within the online Forex market. Also, it should be noted that spreads between 1 and 1.8 pips provide even further levels of accuracy. This is quite important when working with wide leverages. Other benefits of this portal include one-touch and automated trades, mobile access, pending orders and trailing stops.

    Plus500 – 1:200 Leverage

    Plus500 is a CFD service provider that was founded in 2008 and has offices in both the United Kingdom and Cyprus. They are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK as well as CySEC in Cyprus. This is important to keep in mind from a security and a reliability point of view.

    Plus500 provides leverages of 1:200 and considering that a “mini” account can be opened for only $20 dollars, this platform is seen as being ideal for moderate to conservative traders. Currently, the website utilises its own proprietary software to execute trades as opposed to the Meta Trader 4 system. The platform is highly regarding for its simplicity and user friendly interface. Plus500 also provide an impressive number of currency pairs, 51. Their help system is also flexible; offering email, telephone and offices that traders can physically visit if they are in the area.

    Plus500 is targeted toward experienced traders and not entry level beginners, they are also not open to traders from the United States. Of particular interest to some individuals is the fact that Plus500 accommodates PayPal payments alongside money orders, Skrill and credit cards.

    eToro – 1:400 Leverage

    For those who are located within the United States, this broker is one of the most popular. eToro boasts leverages as high as 1:400 on all currency pairs.

    Other instruments such as indices and soft commodities are leveraged at 1:50. This system is also seen as being able to provide a number of amenities to the client. There are four different account types to choose from. A live chat widget is available alongside standard telephone support and dedicated email. Free educational tools are also a nice bonus; these are ideal for those who are just beginning to learn about the Forex and CFD markets.

    Islamic accounts can be opened and trading contests round out the functionality of eToro. For those who open a VIP account, several additional benefits are likewise possible. These include (but are not limited to) fast withdrawal times of three days, a fifteen per cent deposit bonus for amounts up to $2,000 dollars and free access to trading chat rooms.

    FXGlory – 1:3000 Leverage

    FXGlory is a well-known platform for several reasons. First and foremost, leverages of an incredible 1:3000 are available on currency pairs. As mentioned previously, these can be extremely lucrative or quite dangerous. Such levels should only be chosen by those with a great deal of experience in the markets.

    As with eToro, United States traders are welcome as are Islamic accounts. Fixed spreads of approximately two pips are considered to be appealing and as FXGlory is completely based within the browser, there is no need for any downloads to take place. This can be a massive advantage for those who have limited hard disk space available. Meta Trader 4 is available as one of their platforms alongside WebTrader. Scalping and the use of expert adviser software is welcome and a minimum deposit of only one dollar is required to open a basic trading account. A few other benefits not to be overlooked are one-click and automated trading, mobile access, hedging and trailing stops.

    Alpari – 1:500 Leverage

    One of the first things to mention in regards to Alpari is that this broker has been online and operational since 1998. Thus, it is one of the oldest and most trusted platforms in existence.

    Leverages of 1:500 are available for Forex positions. 61 different currency pairs are likewise offered. The primary trading platform is once again Meta Trader 4 and four different types of accounts are available. The minimum deposit required is one dollar for an entry-level position. Alpari is regulated by no less than five different organisations (depending upon where one is located). Traders from the United States can access Alpari and Islamic accounts are possible. A few other benefits include telephone trading, segregated accounts and free educational materials.

    These are a handful of the top brokers which offer different types of leverages. The primary reason to examine each is that certain trading systems will require very specific amounts of leverage. By appreciating what each platform has to offer, it is much easier to make a correct and informed decision. Leveraging can be a risky method and should only be done once one has gained a thorough understanding of the basic principles.

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    Disclaimer: These brokerage services are for experienced traders only. Your capital may be at risk

    Which Forex & CFD Brokers Accept Bitcoin Deposits?

    Bitcoin brokers

    The Bitcoin (BTC) is a popular payment method that is used by countless online Forex traders.

    As its value will vary from day to day, even a deposit may be slightly thought of as a currency position. Also, Bitcoins boast levels of anonymity that are all but impossible when compared to other payment methods. However, only select brokers will offer this option.

    Bitcoin brokers

    Although the number of portals is growing, it will nonetheless save a great deal of time if we determine which of the most reputable brokers offer such a service. Let us therefore list a few prominent examples along with some other benefits that can be enjoyed.


    We couldn’t create a list of Bitcoin brokers without featuring one of the first brokers to accept bitcoin – Plus500.

    While traders from the United States are prohibited, bonus offers and affiliate programmes are available. This CFD service provider utilises its own proprietary trading software which is quite similar in form and function to the Meta Trader system.

    51 different currency pairs are provided by Plus500 and are regulated by both CySEC and the Financial Conduct Authority. Email, physical offices and phone support are available although it should be noted that (currently) there is no live chat feature within the website. An average spread of two pips allows for accurate trading and $100 dollars is the minimum amount required to open a standard account. Mobile trading is possible and like other websites, this platform is completely based within the cloud. Although their own trading platform is easy to use and navigate, they are the perfect choice for experienced traders.

    To learn more about their platform, you can read our review of Plus500 here.


    AvaTrade is consistently seen within many Forex reviews, and for good reason. This online broker has been in operation since 2006 and while it does NOT cater to clients within the United States, there are several other amenities worth mentioning. Besides accepting Bitcoins, AvaTrade works with credit cards, wire transfers, WebMoney and (importantly) PayPal.

    A standard Meta Trader 4 account is the most common variable although VIP trading platforms are also offered. This tier will enjoy daily contact with a fund manager, free trading signals and significantly reduced spreads. Scalping and hedging are both allowed. AvaTrade offers fixed and variable spreads. Finally, some further features worth noting include one-touch trades, automated executions and mobile access. It should still be mentioned that a minimum account size of $100 dollars is required.


    As this company is one of the largest online Forex brokers. It should first be noted that this is available in both standard and Islamic trading accounts.

    There are several other amenities that are worth mentioning regarding eToro. While not offering the Meta Trader 4 platform, eToro provides its own software that is available for the standard computer as well as the smartphone.

    Currency pairs are offered alongside soft commodities, indices and even spread betting. As this is an entirely browser-based platform, there is no need to download any software. Other benefits including one-touch executions and trading contests have attracted many investors.


    Established in 2005, LiteForex provides traders with both the Meta Trader 4 and the Meta Trader 5 systems. These are two of the most efficient and transparent in the entire industry. Thus, LiteForex is able to accommodate for the rather fluid currencies market. Payment options include Bitcoins, wire transfers, Skrill, credit cards and OKPay (to name only a handful).

    This portal offers gold and silver, CFDs and Forex pairs as trading instruments. LiteForex is also known for its rather large leverage ceilings; up to 1:1000 are available for all instruments. Therefore, this system can be seen as one of the most lucrative in the industry. Other benefits are mobile and automated trading, pending orders, trailing stops and hedging.

    A minimum deposit of only one dollar is required to open an account. Liteforex can therefore be considered a very useful tool for those who are just entering into the marketplace and do not have substantial funds to risk.

    Trader’s Way

    As of September 2014, Trader’s Way is another broker which accepts Bitcoins as a payment option. Like LiteForex, this site is open to clients who are based out of the United States. Although it has only been active since 2011, this portal has already built quite a respected name for itself. There are several defining features which have allowed such fame. First, Forex pairs and precious metals can be traded. With high leverages for both, clients may indeed enjoy tidy sums of money. As scalping is allowed, those who are keen on taking up short-term positions are likewise quite interested in Trader’s Way. The Meta Trader 4 platform is used as well. Another key benefit is that five-digit accuracy is offered as opposed to the standard four decimal places which other firms tend to provide. Automated and one-click trades can be placed and as with many other brokers, a mobile-friendly platform is another option for those who are away from their desks.


    FXChoice has offices in Belize and has been in constant operation since 2011. Significantly, traders from the United States are welcome. Besides Bitcoins, other payment options include Skrill, Neteller, credit cards and wire transfers. Meta Trader 4 and 5 are both available; even within demo accounts.

    Currencies include the United States dollar and the euro. FXChoice is known for its robust levels of customer support. These include email, live online chat, telephone and callback options. Both scalping and the use of expert advisers are allowed. Some other features are trailing stops, one-click trading and mobile access.

    These are some of the most reputable brokers which offer Bitcoins as a form of payment. However, this list is likely to increase as such a form of electronic currency becomes more popular into the future. Thus, it is wise to constantly check back to see which other brokers have accepted such a payment system.

    Disclaimer: These brokerage services are for experienced traders only. Your capital may be at risk


    Top 7 MT5 (MetaTrader 5) Brokers for Trading Forex & CFDs


    Understanding the Forex market can be a complicated subject. Not only is a great deal of knowledge and intuition essential, but only the most reputable trading platforms should be chosen. This could have been quite difficult in the past.

    Thanks to high-speed Internet and a host of different online brokers to join, such a variable no longer needs to be a concern. One of the most recent advancements is the creation of the Meta Trader 5 system. For those who are looking for cutting-edge technology paired with real-time capabilities, this platform is not to be missed. So, which brokers offer Meta Trader 5 and what are some of the other advantages that they provide?

    Let us take a closer look.



    EXNESS is an online Forex broker which has been in existence since 2008. Located in Cyprus, it is governed under the regulations stipulated by CySEC (as well as other international foreign bodies).

    Interestingly enough, EXNESS provides both the Meta Trader 4 and the Meta Trader 5 platforms to choose from. Payment options include Payweb, Skrill, Neteller and wire transfers (PayPal is not supported here). Mobile, one-click and automated trading are all possible and with no less than 134 different currency pairs to choose from, EXNESS is one of the most flexible systems currently available.


    This is another worthwhile platform to consider. Having been in existence since 2009, Roboforex provides an impressive 48 different currency pairs. As opposed to EXNESS, gold and silver can also be traded on this portal. Minimum account sizes of only one dollar enable Roboforex to be ideal for novice traders.

    One of the other advantages of this site is that Meta Trader 5 is available in a demo account alongside Meta Trader 4, Currency Viking and cTrader. Therefore, one can determine which system is the best suited before he or she is ever required to make a financial commitment. It is for this reason along that RoboForex should be seriously considered.


    Forex4You has been online since 2007 and while perhaps not as known as EXNESS or the larger brokers, the fact that Meta Trader 5 is available has allowed Forex4You to be a viable option. However, we should mention here that ONLY the Meta Trader 4 platform is available on the demonstration version. Meta Trader 5 can be accessed should one open an account. Trading instruments include Forex, gold and silver, CFDs, stocks and futures. This is one of the widest selections to be seen online and is another defining feature of Forex4You. A final quirk in regards to Forex4You is that there are more than a dozen different accounts to choose from; each catering to a very specific type of trader.


    LiteForex is based out of the Russian Federation and therefore governed by the RAFMM financial authorities. Meta Trader 4, Meta Trader 5 and WebTrader can all be accessed through their demo platform and since LiteForex has been in existence since 2005, it is also considered to be one of the most trustworthy companies. High leverages allow this portal to be quite profitable (although such figures indeed carry their fair share of risk). Accounts can be opened for as little as one dollar and five different trading levels are offered. Some other perks offered by LiteForex include automated, mobile and one-touch trading methods. The types of customer support include callbacks, live chat, email and a dedicated online forum.


    FIBO Group Holdings Ltd. has offices out of both Cyprus and Indonesia. Both Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 are offered on their demonstration platform. However, it needs to be pointed out that either of these will be deactivated as a result of 60 days or more of inactivity. Meta Trader 4 is only available for fixed and floating accounts (in terms of spreads) while Meta Trader 5 can be enjoyed with their “NDD” account. Gold, Silver and Forex are all trading instruments and Forex leverages can be as high as 1:200. Finally, FIBO offers other amenities such as mobile access, hedging, trailing stops and pending orders.


    With a minimum account size of only five dollars, NordFX is certainly worth a look. Meta Trader 4 and Meta Trader 5 are both offered. The only drawback is that each will become deactivated after only 14 days of inactivity. This is substantially less than the 60 days provided through FIBO. However, this can be offset by the impressive Forex leverages of up to 1:500. Islamic accounts are also available for those in the Middle East or other parts of the world. NordFX is not accessible by traders within the United States. Meta Trader 5 is ONLY offered through their Standard-MT5 account. All others will employ Meta Trader 4 or another similar platform. VIP accounts can be opened by anyone who wishes to deposit $50,000 dollars or more. Like the other systems, NordFX offers one-touch trading as well as smartphone access.


    This broker should be mentioned due to the fact that it can be accessed by traders within the United States. Offering Meta Trader 5 and MT4 Mobile, this platform is another popular option. Metals, futures, CFDs and currency pairs can all be traded and with leverages as high as 1:1,000, Forex-Market may indeed produce massive amounts of profit. 62 currency pairs are available and scalping is forbidden. Finally, Forex-Market is able to provide both fixed and variable spreads depending upon the needs of the trader.

    It needs to be observed that Meta Trader 5 is still a relatively new trading platform. Thus, the number of brokers which offer this system is likely to increase into the future. For this reason, it is recommended that any serious trader always check back to determine whether or not any new providers have joined this growing list.