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The Top UK Brokers for Trading US Stocks Online

There are many advantages involved with trading equities out of the United States. Not only can the exchange rates be more favourable, trading hours could also benefit those who already have full-time employment. It is always important to evaluate which brokers are regulated and provide platforms for trading these equities. We have gathered the list […]

Spread Betting vs Share Dealing: What’s the Difference?

Differences between spread betting vs share dealing and the pros and cons of each. The most significant difference between them is that in share trading you will actually buy and own the asset, share or stock that you are trading in. With share trading you have the ability to then sell them for a profit […]

Swing Trading vs Day Trading: What’s the Difference?

Day Trading and Swing Trading: What Are The differences? In the world of trading there is typically only two main types of traders; those trade on long–term investments, and those who trade short–term. It is the latter that will be our focus for this article. Short–term traders can be split once again into various types, […]