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ETX Capital MT4 Platform

ETX Capital MT4 Platform Review

ETX Capital offer three different platforms for traders, and the MetaTrader 4 is one of them. MT4 is one of the leading online trading platforms and is a popular choice for online forex trading. When ETX Capital acquired Alpari in March 2015, they sought to provide a familiar trading environment for Alpari clients and that is why they installed the same MT4 servers. With the ETX Capital MT4 platform you can trade a wide variety financial markets including the indices, commodities, equities and currency markets.

Is ETX Capital MT4 Platform Right For You.

The platform is popular choice for:

  • Forex, Spread betting & CFD traders
  • Traders who want to use automated Expert Advisors (EAs)
  • Trading micro lots
  • Traders who want to use hedging
  • leveraged trading
  • Visit the ETX Capital MT4 page and find our more.


    For traders who prefer automated trading, this is the platform that provides it. ETX Capital has an AutoTrader platform that facilitates the use of automated Expert Advisors (EAs). Traders using EAs can set parameters for their trades and then wait for the automated responses. The advantage that traders get with this option is that one does not have to be in front of a computer to open or close trades. With MT4 automated trades, ETX Capital is responsible for the hosting while the traders provide the Expert Advisors.

    On The MT4 trading platform, ETX Capital has made sure that traders can take advantage of the all the opportunities available. The one click trading feature is what makes this possible.

    Another trading advantage that the ETX Capital MT4 platform offers is the ability to support multiple charts. Information is very crucial when trading and that is what charts provide. With multiple ones, traders get real-time data that they can use for decision making. The environment in different markets keeps changing, and it is essential to monitor them when trading. Real-time data shows all the fluctuations that may be taking place.

    The ETX Capital MT4 platform has a watch list feature. As the name suggests, this lists enables a trader to keep an eye on specific markets. With the drop and drag function on the platform, traders can add particular markets to the list.

    Trading on the MT4 platform offers traders favourable leverage rates of up to 400:1. Such margins increase the potential returns that a trader can get. Traders can also use micro lots, meaning that it is possible to trade smaller.

    MT4 on Mobile

    ETX Capital has a mobile app for the MT4 platform. Even with automated trading, traders still appreciate mobile apps. Traders can download the app on Android devices and iPhones and iPads from Google Play Store and iTunes. A trader can also get the app on Windows Mobile. Mobile apps are available in multiple languages.

    Visuals and Speeds

    Like other ETX Capital platforms, the MT4 is black in colour. Its tools are in red and blue buttons, so they are pretty easy to see against the black background. The layout does not have any complexities, making trading uncomplicated.

    When it comes to speed, ETX Capital has fast platforms. Traders can log into their accounts without experiencing lags.

    Signing Up

    The sign-up process on the MT4 platform is straightforward. ETX Capital provides a secure page where traders submit their details for sign up. There is also a registration bonus on sign up, and a trader has to tick a box to accept. The broker also offers a first deposit bonus that is dependent on several terms and conditions.

    The MT4 platform may seem a bit complex for some people, but ETX Capital offers educational resources that a trader can use. To find out more about what this top brokerage offers read our ETX Capital review.

    ETX Capital Bonuses and Promotions (2016)

    ETX Capital bonus & promotions 2016

    The Bonuses

    The promotions and bonuses available from ETX Capital in 2016 are some of the best available for traders. Currently ETX offer two great bonuses which are:

  • £20 no deposit bonus
  • First deposit bonus up to £3,750
  • A great thing about the ETX promotions is that you can claim both the offers instead of just choosing one. If you want to claim the bonuses now just click here: ETX Capital Bonuses T&Cs Apply.

    ETX Capital

    Founded in 2002, ETX Capital is one of the premiere electronic trading platforms available in today’s marketplace. This online broker offers numerous trading tools such as Meta Trader 4, streaming news feeds, a platform compatible with mobile devices and advanced trading signals. Amenable leverages, low minimum deposits and numerous payment methods round out the functionality of this site. Another benefit is that there are some interesting bonuses and promotions available to clients. If you want to take a closer look at some of these options in greater detail read our highly rated review of ETX Capital.

    First-Time Bonuses When Signing Up

    In order to entice new investors to join ETX Capital, there is a sizeable sign-up bonus. Users will receive no less than $20 dollars when signing up. This $20 dollars will be made available within two trading days. Please note that no deposit is required and these funds can be used towards executing an active position. In addition, first-time depositors who activate an account with $100 dollars will receive an additional matched $100 dollars towards their account. It should be pointed out that ten trades must take place within the first 60 calendar days and the bonuses themselves are required to remain within an account for 60 days. Should any funds (including profits) be withdrawn during this time, the registration bonuses will be waived.

    Incremental Bonus Opportunities

    Much like many other firms, the bonuses awarded for first-time entrants will differ depending upon the amount of money placed towards an account. This is represented in the form of a percentage. As the size of the deposit increases, the proportion rewarded in return likewise rises. The current promotions are as follows:

    • $100 – $999 dollars: $100 dollars.
    • $1,000 – $14,999 dollars: 25 per cent of the deposited amount.
    • $15,000 and more: $3,750 dollars.

    While these bonuses are listed in dollars, they are also applicable to both pounds and euros. It should be mentioned that no two bonuses can be combined with one another (excluding the no-deposit bonus of $20 dollars). Additionally, the client will need to open up a fully authorised trading account with a minimum of $100 dollars. Those who trade with euros or pounds will likewise need to deposit this numerical minimum. Should an account reach a value of zero, none of these registration bonuses will apply.

    Instruments to Claim Bonuses

    There are several ways to enjoy these first-time bonuses. Clients can place trades within a number of sectors including:

    • Forex (currency) pairs.
    • Commodities.
    • Indices.
    • Contracts for difference (CFDs)

    However, micro CFDs are NOT included within this current bonus package.

    Withdrawal Promotions

    As of the time that this article was written, ETX Capital is also offering an interesting reward in terms of withdrawals. Users are able to withdraw any amount that exceeds $100 dollars (or the equivalent in euros and pounds) without any type of transaction fee. Up to five withdrawals are allowed per month.

    These are some of the bonuses that are currently offered by ETX Capital. Please note that these promotions can change from time to time. Additionally, any form of online trading carries its own risks and investors should only open an active position after they are well aware of the principles involved.

    BrokerNotes to Launch World’s First ‘Dogerage’

    April 1st – BrokerNotes, a website that has helped over 45,000 traders find a suitable brokerage, has announced plans to launch the world’s first ‘dogerage’, a brokerage focused on trading the popular dog meme-themed cryptocurrency, Dogecoin.

    Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 14.48.15

    Dogecoin is a decentralized peer-to-peer digital currency that was launched in 2013, making it the first digital currency to be based on an Internet joke. It recently became the national currency of the Kingdom of Enclava, a micronation between Croatia and Slovenia that was formed in 2014 after a cartographical discrepancy along the Slovenian border was discovered.

    In three years, the fun and friendly digital currency has soared to a market capitalisation of $22,506,012, making it the seventh most-popular crypto-currency in circulation. Despite this, forex brokers are slow to offer Dogecoin trading to their clients.

    BrokerNotes aims to capitalise on this trend by offering retail traders the opportunity to trade canine-themed currency pairs, such as DOGE/JPY (‘puppy’), DOGE/CHF (‘lassy’), and DOGE/RUB.

    Ryosei Kurihara, a spokesperson for BrokerNotes said “No see future without Dogecoin. Much currencies. So much trading. Wow.”

    Screen Shot 2016-03-31 at 12.12.05

    About BrokerNotes:
    Founded in 2014, BrokerNotes is a leading broker comparison site used by over 45,000 traders to find a suitable broker to trade with. For more information visit

    Five Best Forex Brokers for Large Accounts in 2016

    best stock trading platform UK

    Choosing the best Forex broker for large accounts can be a challenging task because many brokers are advertising themselves as the best in the market. If you are looking for a Forex broker for large accounts, the three factors you need to consider are: how financial secure is the broker, the reliability of the trading platform for large volumes and the regulation. Here is the list of five best Forex brokers for large accounts in 2016.

    1. ETX Capital

    The London based broker ETX Capital is authorised and regulated by the Financial Services Authority in the UK and a member firm of the London Stock Exchange. The firm offers multi-market and multi-asset derivatives through CFDs and spread betting products.


    There is only one standard account at ETX Capital with a minimum deposit of $100 and there is no maximum trade.


    ETX Capital offers 3 top trading platforms, all of which are available on the iPhone, iPad and Android devices. It also offers tight spreads on a range of different products.


    ETX Capital focuses on educating their clients. Their seminars are geared to traders of all knowledge levels. ETX Capital also offers completely free online webinars, both live and pre-recorded.

    Customer Support

    The ETX Capital website is available in over 20 different languages with a 24/7 telephone customer support. Customer support is also available via email and Chat.


    ETX Capital is known for its reliability and integrity. The outstanding track record and the many awards that they have earned are a proof of their high standards and responsibility. Read our detailed ETX Capital review for the pros & cons of their trading platform.

    2. IronFX

    IronFx is a large brokers firm with over 50 offices worldwide. The firm is regulated and authorised by FCA, FSP, CySEC, ASIC, FSP and CRFIN. In addition, the company is a member of Eurex and MiFID compliant and EU regulated.

    Spreads and Leverage

    With STP/ECN services, it offers one of the tightest spreads in the Forex industry. IronFX allows scalping strategies within its trading framework and leverage up to 500:1 is also available.


    Each platform can be modified, depending on your desire for fixed or variable spreads. The latest in SSL technology is used to encrypt all trading sessions, thereby safeguarding your personal identity information from hacking of any kind.

    Types of Trading Accounts

    • Micro Accounts
    • Premium Trading Accounts
    • Business Trading Accounts
    • Cash Rebate Accounts
    • STP/ECN Accounts.

    Deposits and Withdrawals

    There are no limitations on deposits with IronFX. Local withdrawal requests are handled fast, as long as the required documentation is on file.


    IronFx earns from spreads added to the quotes depending on the type of trading account as well as the currency pair traded.

    Safety of the funds

    IronFx is able to provide their clients with an Investor Compensation Fund scheme which is authorised and regulated by CySEC. IronFx trading platforms also provide traders with an automated risk management system. Client funds are held in segregated accounts with Tier 1 banks like Bank of America.

    Customer Support

    Customer support is available in over 46 languages with a 24/7 access via email, live-chat, fax or direct phone line. Experts in the industry also post daily commentary, which complements training and support materials.


    Because it is a legitimate and regulated broker, the London Stock Exchange has actually cited IronFx as one of the front runners in the field.

    3. Core Spreads

    Core Spreads Forex is one of the top UK spread betting site operating under the supervision of the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). It is registered in England with the registration number #07073412. The firm has fixed trading and tight spreads over the long term.

    Trading Market

    Core Spreads trading markets include Forex pairs, U.K. shares, commodities, indices and many others. Main instruments include the EUR-USD Spot, GBP-USD Spot, Gold Spot, US Tech 100 Cash, UK100 Cash, Germany 30 Cash and Wall Street 30 Cash.

    Spread Betting Platforms

    The Core Spreads trading platform uses a secure, reliable and multi-channel trading platform. The platform is available on desktop, iOS and Android phones.

    Safety of the funds

    • Core Spreads uses Services Compensation Schemed that safeguard funds up to £50, 000 that protects the spreads up to £5, 000
    • Traded funds are maintained in segregated accounts.

    Site Strengths

    • Clutter-free trading
    • Welcome bonus of up to £10,000
    • Minimal charges
    • Tight spreads.


    This trading platform provides accurate and reliable data; it warns of the risks and displays information in spite of the potential benefits it would otherwise gain.

    4. 24Optionl

    24Optionl is an Established online binary options broker based in Cyprus. The broker is currently under the management of Rodeler Ltd. It is regulated and licensed by the Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission (CYSEC) under the license number: 207/13. 24option is also a member of the Investment Compensation Fund.

    Trade Types

    • Classic Binaries
    • One Touch Binaries
    • Boundary Binaries
    • Short Term Binaries

    Trading Accounts

    • Standard Accounts
    • Gold Accounts
    • Platinum Accounts
    • Diamond Accounts
    • A free demo account.

    Customer Support

    24option offers a 24/7 Customer Support in 17 major languages. You can access the support team via email, live chat and telephone.

    Site Strengths

    • Attractive incentives and benefits
    • Secured trading platform
    • Wide coverage of markets
    • A range of educational resources.


    24option is a reputable broker in the Industry. In addition, the range of incentives that 24option offer to traders is certainly one of the most attractive around.

    5. Easy Forex

    Easy Forex was founded in Cyprus in 2001 where it has its headquarter. It is licensed with Australian Financial Services (AFS); License no. 246566 and licensed by Australian regulator ASIC and other similar regulatory bodies in the EU.


    The firm protects its clients from fraud by the firm’s employees through internal auditing. Easy Forex employs internet security which guarantees the privacy of client information by allowing secure the safe transfer of the client’s data. Two layers of top class firewall systems at the server are implemented to protect against unauthorised access.

    Account Types and Deposits

    Easy Forex has tailored a variety of accounting packages that cater to the needs and expectations of customers. Instant crediting of credit card deposits eliminate the waiting period associated with most other brokers.

    Customer Service

    The customer service personnel use phone support and are also available through email, and are available during the Forex sessions. Easy Forex conducts live training by telephone, video charts, tours services and an online information centre assisting in the learning process of the beginner.

    Trading Platform

    The Easy Forex uses, a web-based interface for its trades. This offers you great flexibility since you can trade without having to install any software. Easy-Forex uses both the MetaTrader4 and a web trading platform. You can access the platform 24/7 and online trading runs every day except Sundays.

    Advantages of Trading with Easy Forex

    1. Easy forex does not misquote your orders.
    2. Easy forex has a wide choice of base currencies, which negates the currency conversion occurred during deposits and withdrawals.
    3. Easy forex has the Inside Viewer which allows you to view the positioning of your fellow traders.
    4. Spreads are fixed in all markets traded keeping the spread tight.
    5. The MetaTrader platform is well-known and reliable.
    6. Accounts can be started with as little as $25.
    7. Simple and quick deposit process, since you can use a credit card, Wire Transfer and PayPal.


    Easy Forex has been one of the major players in the online retail forex brokerage industry for almost a decade. It is known for its well-established security structure

    Top Five Brokers To Trade Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

    Trading Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies has seen a dramatic increase in popularity among traders and if you are looking for a broker that includes bitcoin in their portfolio, we have listed the five best regulated brokers that allow you to trade Bitcoin below. However, not all virtual platforms are created equally. Some naturally offer more amenities and flexibility than others. Let us examine five brokers which are considered to be the best in the business.


    AvaTrade allow you to trade bitcoin with on popular MetaTrader 4 platform alongside healthy leverages of up to 1:400, AvaTrade has been a respected online brokerage for a number of years. Another massive benefit in regards to this firm is that a minimum deposit of only $100 dollars is required to open an active trading account. Risk-averse traders will therefore be quite pleased. As AvaTrade was awarded the Best Forex Broker for 2015 by FXEmpire, clients be can rest assured that they are dealing with one of the most advanced portals in existence. Other benefits found within this portal include:

    • Automated trading.
    • Guaranteed stop-loss orders.
    • Real-time charts.
    • News and market analyses.

    AvaTrade currently allows all members to deposit funds via Bitcoin as well as standard options such as wire transfers and credit cards.


    Plus500 was one of the first online brokers to allow trading of Bitcoins through their CFD platform. Plus500 is a perfect option for those who wish to enjoy a proprietary trading platform alongside a host of flexible leverages (depending upon the underlying asset being traded). A minimum deposit of €100 euros enables this portal to particularly appeal to those who may not have a great deal of capital to trade at any given time. More than 20 languages are available and this software is compatible with Windows as well as Macintosh operating systems (mobile trading applications are included). Some other notable advantages particular to Plus500 include:

    • Trading alerts (both mobile and standard email).
    • Trailing stops.
    • Guaranteed limit orders.
    • The ability to trade indices, stocks, commodities and ETFs.

    Besides Bitcoin, other payment options include Moneybookers, PayPal and standard bank wire transfers.


    eToro is probably one of the most popular online trading platforms that allow you to trade Bitcoins with over 4 million registered users. eToro was founded in 2007 and this system is thought by many to be the best in the world in regards to social trading. In simpler terms, those who may be new to the industry can easily monitor trends and follow the actions of more experienced investors. This can dramatically decrease the learning curve while mitigating the risks involved within any position. A minimum entry-level deposit of only $50 dollars perfectly compliments healthy leverage options of up to 1:400. Proprietary software is offered such as eToro WebTrader and eToro OpenBook. Mobile-friendly options are likewise available to all clients (for Windows, iOS and Android operating systems). A 30-day demonstration account is available while unlike some other firms, dedicated customer support specialists are available 24 hours a day. A few other amenities provided through eToro are:

    • OCO orders.
    • One-click execution of all trades.
    • A first-time deposit bonus of up to 30 per cent.
    • Streaming news feeds.
    • Islamic trading accounts.

    You can also fund your account with Bitcoins and other options including Neteller, MoneyGram, credit and debit cards, Western Union and PayPal. Please note that eToro is currently not available to investors within the United States.

    ATC Brokers

    ATC Brokers is another well-established player within the malleable world of the Forex marketplace. Founded as far back as 2005, this portal is currently one of the oldest that is still in operation. One distinct advantage offered by ATC Brokers is that as they are based out of the United States, domestic clients are welcome. Robust support methods such as email, telephone, web questionnaires and live chat will attend to the needs of all customers. While a minimum account size of $5,000 dollars could prove to be slightly expensive for first-time day traders, spreads as low as 0.6 pips make ATC Brokers an attractive option for those who are looking to maximise their profits. Please note that this spread does not include the commissions charged. Trading platforms include MetaTrader 4, Trading Station II and ATC Trader (their own proprietary software). A few other notable advantages include (but are not necessarily limited to):

    • Pending orders.
    • Hedging.
    • Access to overnight interest rates.
    • PAMM accounts.
    • Live elephone trading.
    • Islamic accounts.
    • Mobile-friendly trading platforms.

    Bitcoins are currently accepted as a form of currency. Other methods include credit and debit cards, cheques and bank wire transfers.


    InstaForex rounds out this top-five list. This platform is an interesting mix of the traditional and the modern. Although traders only have access to the MetaTrader 4 platform and ForexCopy is the single social trading instrument, the accessories offered are worth a closer look. InstaForex boasts regularly updated articles, a comprehensive glossary of all relevant trading terminology, news feeds and an entire educational course for beginners. Other amenities are seen as:

    • Fixed spreads.
    • No commissions (these are included within the spread).
    • Eleven different ongoing competitions.
    • Access to social trading signals.

    However, novices are not the only traders to take advantage of this system. Leverages of up to 1:1,000 easily allow InstaForex to provide some of the most potentially profitable platforms. However, such leveraged positions will naturally incur a great deal of risk and only experienced traders should make use of this feature. Binary options are available alongside standard currency pairs and this can be an excellent way to diversify a current portfolio. Besides Bitcoin deposits, some other payment choices include AlertPay, Liberty Reserve, WebMoney, MoneyBookers and standard credit cards.

    These are considered to be the five top brokers that currently offer Bitcoin deposits as a portion of their standard trading options. As always, a great deal of risk is involved with any online trading position and investors are encouraged to recognise such risks in order to avoid potentially large losses.

    Spread Betting vs Forex Trading: What’s the Difference?

    spread betting vs forex

    What is the difference between spread betting and forex trading?

    Foreign exchange is a vital part of today’s interconnected global economy. Companies require foreign exchange for paying for goods in another currency and dealing with international employees. People require it whenever they are travelling abroad, paying for their child’s education or paying mortgage for real estate overseas. This guide is designed to help investors and individuals understand the basic differences between spread betting and forex.

    Understanding Forex Trading

    Traditional forex trading in simple terms is selling a particular currency and getting another currency in exchange, as per the existing exchange rate between those two currencies. For example, a trader will sell GBP£ 100 to get approximately US$ 140 at a rate of 1GBP=1.4USD. If the price of the held currency rises, in this case USD, the trader can make a profit by selling the USD. The difference between the buying and selling rate is the trader’s profit. There is no universal exchange, so most of the transactions are made over the counter, where individual buy and sell transactions are matched. Once a deal is finalised, known as a spot deal, there is an exchange of the currencies between the two parties.

    Understanding Financial Spread Betting

    Spread betting is different from the traditional forex trading in various ways. In spread betting, there is no actual exchange of the currency or purchase of the financial instrument that is being traded. Spread betting involves taking a position based on anticipating whether the price of a financial instrument will increase or decrease in the future. This form of betting means an investor will win or lose money based on the marginal variation of a particular outcome and the expected value spread quoted by the spread betting brokerage. Besides foreign exchange, spread betting can be conducted on a wide range of financial instruments, including interest rates, individual share prices, indices, price of commodities etc. Depending on how a trader expects the market to move, he/she can either put in a ‘Long Buy’ (anticipating a rise in price) or a ‘Short Sell’ (anticipating a fall in price). Spread betting is further illustrated by these examples:

    Case 1: The trader expects the price of the financial product to rise. The trader assumes that the GBP to USD exchange rate will increase, assuming the exchange rate is 1GBP=1.14USD. The trader places a bet of £20 for every 0.1-point rise in the exchange rate. (long position). With this, there will be two possible outcomes:

    • If the exchange rate increases from $1.14 to 1.70 (a 0.56-point rise), then the trader’s profit will be 56 X 20, which is £1120.
    • If the exchange rate fell from $1.14 to 1.02 (a 0.12-point fall), then the trader’s loss would be 12 X 20, which is £240.

    Case 2: The trader expects the price of the financial product to fall. The trader assumes that the GBP to USD exchange rate will decrease, assuming the exchange rate is 1GBP=1.14USD. The trader places a bet for £20 for every 0.1-point fall in the exchange rate. (short position). There will be two possible outcomes:

    • If the exchange rate increases from $1.14 to 1.70 (a 0.56-point rise), then the trader’s loss would be 56 X 20, which is £1120.
    • If the exchange rate fell from $1.14 to 1.02 (a 0.12-point fall), then the trader’s profit would be 12 X 20, which is £240.

    The profit or the loss with respect to spread betting depends on two things.

    • The stake size, which is the amount an investor bets for every point increase.
    • The points drop or gain of the underlying financial product, which the investor has put his/her money in.

    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Both Investments?

    Investors should be aware of the pros and cons of both investments before making any financial decisions:

    • The biggest advantage of spread betting is that none of the profits are taxed. Forex trading is not tax-free, as you have to pay capital gains tax, as well as stamp duty.
    • In spread betting, you need to put in only a fraction of the money you trade. This is known as margin trading. This means traders can trade in high value since they have to put down only a fraction of this price as the initial stake, if the price moves in the way desired by the trader the profit can be much more that in forex trading. However, the inverse is also true. The loss can be significantly higher as opposed to forex trading, if the movement in price is opposite to what is desired by the traders. In traditional forex trading, the trader has to put down the entire amount of the trade, so the profit or loss is limited to the amount the trader has put down in the trade
    • Forex trading being a long established industry is regulated to a higher extent, as compared to spread betting. Traditional forex trading is provided by more established brokerages or financial institutions such as banks that provide accounts in multiple currencies. Because of this it is always best practice when choosing a spread betting provider to always consider going with a regulated brokerage.It is important to note that because spread betting involves high leverage the potential of losses from spread betting can be enlarged.

    Best Forex And Spread Betting Providers

    Traders and individuals that want to trade forex, binary options and spread betting will benefit from working with a long established and trusted broker like ETX Capital. If you would like more information on ETX Capital, read our full review of ETX Capital here.

    If you would like to see the best spread brokers available, read our comparison of spread betting brokers.

    Other key firms dealing with binary options, spread betting and forex include ZuluTrade, AxiTrader and Spread Co.

    Traders and individuals should keep in mind that their capital is at risk when they make any investments.

    image credit:Ken Teegardin

    7 Best Forex Broker Bonuses and Promotions (Updated 2016)

    IronFX bonus

    If you would like to get started with Forex trading in 2016 and are keen to find out which Forex brokers are offering the best promotions and bonuses, then the good news is you’ve stumbled upon the right article.

    The Forex trading market is highly competitive industry and many online brokers are constantly competing to offer the best promotions and sign-up bonuses to encourage Forex traders to join. As a new trader, or a trader looking to move to a new broker, you will quickly find yourself inundated with a seemingly endless selection of Forex broker promotions to choose from.

    To help remove any confusion and allow you to quickly pick one of the best Forex promotions on the market, here is our complete list of the top Forex promotions and bonuses available in 2016 from regulated and trusted brokers.

    ETX Capital Bonus

    1. Featured Broker: ETX Capital

    (Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, UK #124721)

    ETX Capital is one of the most popular brokers in the UK and are known for their quality trading platform and professional service no matter your account size. Whether you are one of their large million dollar plus professional traders or retail trader with a smaller deposit, you can expect the same exceptional customer service along with some of the best bonuses of 2016. ETX Capital is also a member firm of the prestigious London Stock Exchange and have been providing online trading services for over a decade.

    They are currently offering two great bonuses: a £20 no deposit bonus and a first deposit bonus up to £3,750. The First deposit bonus percentage is tiered and you will receive a 100% deposit bonus up to £100. Larger deposits will receive a 25% deposit bonus up to a maximum of £3,750 on a £15,000 deposit. T&Cs apply.

    You can learn more about ETX Capital in our ETX Capital review here.

    2. Core Spreads

    (Regulated by The Financial Conduct Authority, UK #525164)

    Core Spreads is a rapidly becoming one of the most popular choices with their smooth user friendly trading platform and tight spreads on the major currency pairs. They have focused on providing their core strengths of providing the lowest spreads for the major financial instruments on a simple to use, trader friendly platform. On top of their super low spreads, they offer a great 50% off your first months spreads, effectively halving the cost of your first months trades.

    You can learn more about Core Spreads in our Core Spreads review here.

    3. – Bonus Of Up To $10,000!

    AvaTrade are one of the biggest Forex brokers online and is offering a large introductory bonus to traders signing up for a new account.

    The exact bonus available depends on the size of your initial deposit, with a $125 bonus being available for deposits of $250 all the way up to a $10,000 bonus for a deposit of $50,000.

    Beyond the sizeable initial bonus available with, there are a number of additional benefits to using their platform, including free video tutorials and webinars, as well as providing a set of well designed mobile apps to help you with your Forex trading.

    All in all, if you’re a serious trader looking to put down a large deposit, then AvaTrade’s bonus is one of the most tempting currently on offer.

    4. – £20 Sign-Up Bonus! is one of the most popular and respected Forex brokers out there, especially amongst UK traders.

    They are currently offering a £20 sign-up bonus to every new trader who signs up for an account. No deposit is required to take advantage of this and you also benefit from a wide range of other Forex trading perks as part of using Plus500.

    These perks include Plus500’s outstanding risk and trading management tools, which allow you to limit potential losses and take profits off the table when your trading targets are reached. All in all, the £20 sign-up bonus offered by is just the icing on the cake of what is a truly superb all-round trading platform.

    You can learn more about Plus500 in this review.

    5. – $25 No Deposit Sign-Up Bonus offers a competitive $25 sign-up bonus to all new clients, with no deposit required to claim it. Additional benefits for signing up to include 24-hour support, access to a demo account with $100,000 and the ability to trade without paying anything to in terms of commissions.

    6. – $30 Sign-Up Bonus

    XM is one of the most highly regarded online Forex brokers. Currently, you can claim a $30 bonus just for signing up to the site, with no deposit needed.

    This $30 sign-up bonus is automatically added to your account as soon as you sign up. These introductory bonuses allows you to start trading with XM, and familiarize yourself with the user interface, without risking a single penny of your own money.

    To further sweeten the pot, gives new users signing up a number of additional incentives, which make it a very compelling choice of Forex broker; these incentives include giving you a bonus of 50% of initial deposits of up to $500 and a bonus of 20% on deposits of up to $5000.

    If you wish, you can learn more about XM in our review of their platform here.

    7. IronFX – Choose Your Own Bonus! is offering a tremendous bonus to new traders, with a choice of two different bonuses available, so that you can pick the bonus best suited to your current trading goals and experience.

    You can choose either a 100% sharing bonus or a 40% power bonus. The power bonus is worth up to $4000 and the sharing bonus is worth up to the even larger sum of $10,000.

    IronFX is a highly regarded Forex broker and offers a myriad of different benefits to its traders, including zero charges on deposits and withdrawals, a tremendous trading academy with an impressive array of Forex trading knowledge and tutorials, as well as toll free contact numbers in several dozen countries that you can contact directly for support on anything relating to your IronFX account.

    View our full list of the best forex broker bonuses for even more promotions.

    Please note that all the bonuses come with T&Cs which differ for every broker.

    5 Best Day Trading Platforms for Trading Forex

    day trading platforms

    The Top Five Best Forex Day Trading Platforms

    Day trading on the Forex markets is a growing industry with countless traders throughout the world conducting trillions of dollars in trades every day. Thanks to high-speed Internet and access to platforms via mobile devices, this method of trading has become exceedingly popular during the past few years to the retail trading community. With the increasing popularity of retail day trading, there has been an explosion of brokers entering the market attempting to capitalise on the growing industry. Before you start trading it is important to consider the quality of the brokers and a definite must before making any kind of deposit with a broker is to ensure they are regulated by a trusted regulatory body like the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK – this is why we have only included regulated brokers in this list. Apart from regulation there are some sure-fire signs of a quality electronic broker. Most experts note that these metrics include:

    • Access to real-time news feeds.
    • Concise and accurate trading data.
    • The ability to choose from a wide spectrum of currency pairs.
    • An intuitive and clear trading platform.
    • Superior levels of customer service.

    Now that we can appreciate the basic factors to take into account, it is prudent to briefly examine what many believe the be the five most efficient and reliable trading platforms on the market today.

    1. ETX Capital

    ETX Capital was founded in 2002 and since this time, it has been considered one of the most reliable trading platforms available. One benefit in regards to a position is that no additional commissions are charged; these are directly included within the spread. Thus, traders will have a much more accurate representation of their expected profits. The electronic trading windows offered include MetaTrader 4 and Currenex. All traders can therefore enjoy a second-to-none sense of functionality that is perfect for the fast-paced nature of the Forex market. A demon account is available for those who wish to experience ETX Capital before committing to a paid membership. Some other advantages encompass (but are not limited to):

    • Chart trading.
    • Automated trading.
    • Mobile alerts.
    • A compatibility with iOS and Android operating systems.
    • Institutional accounts.
    • Maximum leverages of 1:400.
    • $20 no deposit bonus.

    A minimum spread of only 0.7 pips on all euro-dollar transactions is another benefit not to be missed. ETX Capital is definitely the top trading platform available today.

    Read our full review of ETX Capital here to see all the pros & cons of trading with ETX Capital.

    2. Plus500

    Plus500 was founded in 2008 and is currently based out of London. Amenable leverages of up to 200:1 are available for currency pairs and a minimum deposit of only €100 euros allows this portal to be excellent for those who wish to trade in the forex markets on a tight budget. Plus500 also offers a number of risk management features such as:

    • Guaranteed limit orders.
    • Guaranteed fills.
    • Guaranteed stop-loss positions.
    • Trailing stops.

    These are all ideal for the investor who wishes to hedge his or her exposure in regards to a volatile marketplace. Customer service representatives are available 24 hours a day and a demonstration account is possible before a trader commits to a live position.

    Read our full review of Plus500 to see all the pros & cons of trading with Plus500.

    3. AvaTrade

    This firm was founded in 2006 and it currently offers trading software for personal computers as well as mobile devices (iOS and Android operating systems). Floating spreads as low as 0.9 pips can help to maximise profits (although these spreads are based on inter-bank market prices and will therefore vary). There are currently more than 60 different currency pairs to choose from and 400:1 leverages are not uncommon. AvaTrade provides MetaTrader 4 software to all of its clients and this intuitive system is preferred by many professional traders. Some other benefits include:

    • Hedging and scalping capabilities.
    • Zero commissions (fees are based upon the spread).
    • Demonstration accounts.
    • Live news feeds.
    • Market commentaries.
    • Automated trading.

    AvaTrade is also known for its knowledgeable customer support representatives and the ability to address concerns in well over a dozen languages.

    Read our in-depth AvaTrade review here for more information on trading with AvaTrade.

    4. ZuluTrade

    ZuluTrade is thought to be one of the most “open” platforms due to low entry-level deposits (the equivalent of €250 euros) and its highly intuitive user interface. Besides offering streamlined trading platforms, ZuluTrade has created a propriety social signals portal known as Tradewall. This is a streaming page which illustrates all of the latest opened and closed positions. Those who have been searching for a centralised social trading system will be pleased with this addition. More than 50 affiliated brokers support the ZuluTrade system and unlike some other brokers, United States residents can access the software. Low spreads and the ability to access the historical trades of other investors (for up to 52 weeks) are two other features offered.

    5. EasyForex

    EasyForex rounds out our list of top five Forex brokers for day trading enthusiasts. EasyForex is located in Limassol and has been operating since 2003. A minimum deposit of only $25 dollars allows this broker to be another excellent choice for those who do not have a great deal of money to invest. Fixed spreads even during times of high Forex volatility is an attractive feature for risk-averse investors. Expert analysts provide real-time support in no less than 13 languages. Mobile-based platforms can be accessed alongside standard PC portals and the popular MetaTrader 4 system is available with all of these options. Some of the other benefits found through EasyForex are:

    • Streaming news feeds.
    • Automatic trading algorithms.
    • Intuitive trading signals.
    • Email and mobile alerts.
    • Trading stops.
    • Guaranteed stop-loss and limit orders.
    • One-click execution (a massive advantage for day traders).

    Maximum leverages of 400:1 is available for day traders who wish to maximise their profit margins (of course, such leverages is not without risk and increase the potential losses as well). Fixed spreads will likewise enable any trader to be well aware of their costs as well as their predicted gains should a pair move in the right direction.

    These five Forex platforms are perfectly suited for both retail and professional traders alike. As mentioned in the beginning of this article, features such as intuitive software and up-to-the-minute data streams can make all of the difference in the world between a failed position and a successful trade. As these portals are able to accommodate the needs of the smartphone user, they are of even more value to those who wish to execute trades while out and about. As always, with trading it is important to remember that your capital is at risk.

    See our comparison of day trading brokers for more information.

    image credit:Brett Weinstein

    Top 5 Forex Trading Platforms


    Online Forex trading can be a excellent way to enjoy a great degree of liquidity when compared to other marketplaces. Furthermore, the very fluid nature of this sector is suited for those who wish to capitalise on present market movements without being tied to a traditional share or security. There have been a number of online trading platforms to emerge over the years and naturally, some are better than others. We have compiled a list of five trusted and regulated brokers that offer five custom trading platforms which we consider to be popular, efficient and intuitive.

    ETX Capital

    Known for spreads as tight as 0.9 pips and impressive leverages of up to 400:1, ETX Capital ranks high within the world of online Forex trading. Commodities, indices and binary options are included alongside currency pairs. Free educational trading courses and welcome no deposit bonuses $20 are a few other advantageous features. However, many astute traders choose ETX Capital due to their efficient electronic platforms. MetaTrader 4 and TraderPro are both options; ideal for those who wish to enjoy an effective system without sacrificing their ability to access news, charts and social trading tools.

    For a detailed look, read our review of ETX Capital.

    CMC Markets

    CMC Markets has been considered to be a major player within the industry, and for good reason. One very interesting point to note here is that with spreads as low as an incredible 0.7 pips, this platform is quite profitable. Equally impressive margins serve to mitigate many of the risks associated with margin trades (common within the Forex marketplace). CMC Markets also employs their own proprietary trading software and many believe that it is better than the standard MetaTrader 4. A handful of features available within this software include:

    • More than 80 technical indicators and drawing tools.
    • Immediate access to social trading portals.
    • Live news and analyses.

    Over 330 spot and forward Forex pairs are available and this is an excellent benefit for anyone who wishes to enjoy a greater degree of flexibility. On-the-go trading is also a reality thanks to native applications dedicated to Android and iOS operating systems. CMC Markets is highly recommended for those who have been searching for a well-rounded platform with an impressive degree of reliability.


    This trading company is based out of the United Kingdom and has been in constant operation since 2010. IronFX is therefore one of the oldest and most trusted systems on the market. Affiliate trades are welcome and forex traders can enjoy five types of accounts (Micro, Premium, VIP, Affiliate and Affiliate Plus). Spot metals, futures and shares are available alongside Forex positions. High leveraged positions of up to 1:500 can help to add even more profit to any active position but can also increase the losses experienced. The minimum spread on their currency pairs is zero pips. Bonuses of up to 40 per cent are available when opening a new account and Iron FX offers a social media trading system which can allow traders to access real-time data from other professionals. Free VPN hosting, a refer-a-friend bonuses and live trading competitions are some other options that members can enjoy. Reasonable margins and guaranteed stop-loss trades are other tools which can help to lessen the risks of a more liquid position.

    For a detailed look, read our review of IronFX.


    Offering a minimum deposit of only $5 dollars and leverages as high as 888:1, XM is without a doubt another highly recommended Forex trading platform. XM was founded in 2009 and it is regulated to operate in numerous jurisdictions (NOT within the United States). This company also makes use of the popular MetaTrader 4 platform and seven different variants of this system will suit the needs of nearly any trader. These options include:

    • XM Web Trader 4
    • XM iPad Trader
    • XM iPhone Trader (varieties for Android and Windows operating systems)
    • XM MAM
    • XM MetaTrader 4 Multi-Terminal
    • XM MetaTrader 4
    • XM MetaTrader 4 (for Mac)

    Automated algorithms can help to prevent any trade from developing a negative balance and comprehensive charting capabilities are able to provide forex traders of all levels with an ability to fully appreciate the movements of any currency pair over time.

    For a detailed look, read our review of XM.

    ATC Brokers

    One interesting aspect of ATC Brokers is that as opposed to exploiting a bid-sell spread, this broker charges a flat commission on each trade. This is currently $0.40 dollars on a lot size of 10,000. Hedging, scalping and partial-lot contracts are all allowed within this electronic platform. It should also be noted that as opposed to many other online Forex systems, ATC Brokers is available to clients within the United States. However, a minimum deposit of $5,000 dollars is required to open an account. This is offset by the use of both MetaTrader4 and Trading Station as efficient platforms. While the spreads are constantly fluctuating, the fact that ATC Brokers does not include any mark-ups is one of the reasons why these figures are some of the lowest in the business. For stability, all margins are set at a ratio of 50:1. A final interesting feature is that ATC Brokers has developed an electronic system known as TFA Sniper. Some of the advantages of this platform are:

    • Automated trading
    • Fibonacci Analyses
    • Extremely clear entry levels
    • Built-in trade managers

    With impressive levels of customer service and numerous training opportunities, ATC Brokers is definitely worth a closer look.

    These are five extremely popular Forex trading platforms on the market today. Still, we should never fail to mention that certain positions are associated with high levels of risk and traders should never execute any trade that cannot be lost. The Forex markets are highly liquid and thus, their volatility can also be high. The use of these electronic brokers can help to minimise such risks while maximising the chances of accruing a substantial amount of profit.


    6 Best Online Trading Apps for Android in 2016


    As an online trader it is important to be up to date with the latest movements on the stock market. Situations can change quickly so you have to be equally flexible and dynamic. Smartphones and tablets have given people the opportunity to revolutionise their trading and stay up to date with the latest news and trends. In order to this however you need a solid trading platform. Mobile apps are the solution and are now widely available. As well as making trading far more convenient they provide a secure environment to make sure the trades you make are as relevant as possible. In such situations it is important to have the best tools available to you, so for your convenience we have listed the top 7 online trading apps for Android platforms.

    All of the following apps are free to download and available on the google play store.

    1. MetaTrader 4

    MT4 is the most popular android app for online trading and for good reason, its large range of features and polished mobile interface have made it very popular with more than 50,000 reviews on the Google Play store. Some of its key features include: fixed spreads, microlots, technical analysis, customisable tracking graphs and an integrated financial calendar. As the most popular trading app on the Play store it has the added benefit of a large amount of online tutorials and guides to help you get started with the platform.

    If you would like to trade using the MT4 platform, ETX Capital is one of the most popular online brokers who use the platform and also regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK.

    2. Trading 212 FOREX & Stocks

    Designed by Avus Capital, a well-known trading platform provider, this app is the second most popular on the Play store. It includes a wide variety of features and instruments for tracking your stocks and shares. It’s simple layout and intuitive controls offer greater usability than many of its competitors while sacrificing a few tools. Notable features include: over 400 financial instruments, financial news and analysis and tight spreads, even at news time.

    3. eToro – Mobile Trader

    This app has been built and designed by eToro, best known for their popular online social trading platform. As a well-established company it has excellent customer support for the app. eToro puts a lot of emphasis on its established community of users to communicate with, the app even includes a function to copy the trades of successful users.

    If you are interested in social trading and eToro, you can read our full review of eToro here.

    4. for Android

    This popular American company aims its platforms at experienced traders and this trend continues with its app. One of the leading platforms for the US market it has won awards for its customer service. However, the app hasn’t proved to be as successful as their other platforms. Although it is a powerful and fairly user friendly app some users have reported it having technical problems.

    5. Forex & CFD Trading by iFOREX

    The creators of this app are iFOREX, fairly recent entrants into the marketplace. The app includes a customisable layout and access to over 80 currency pairs. The app has received many good reviews and appears to be a solid piece of software. The trading platform even includes a special account for Islamic traders who wish to abide by the principle of no ‘Riba’ – a term used for unjust gains in business transactions. However, the company has received criticism for its lack of transparency, poor customer service and no free demo account available.

    6. DTMobile by Delta Stock

    Created by the South African company Deltastock this app is currently not very popular, but the users who have downloaded it seem to be very happy with it – the app, receiving a 4.1 star rating on the Play store. Their simple and attractive interface makes it easy to navigate, but as a new company they struggle to keep up with all of the features included in competing apps. However, their excellent customer service puts them in a strong position to continue to improve the app.

    Hopefully this has inspired you to check out Android apps, many of the benefits listed here can only be judged subjectively so it is important to try the apps out to find which one is best for you. As with all financial trading your capital is at risk. These apps are designed for experienced traders, however trial accounts are available on several of these apps and are a good way to build up experience without risk. Mobile apps provide many strengths over traditional trading and can greatly benefit you when used responsibly.