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Offers three ways to trade: Forex, CFDs, Spread Betting

 Offers over 12,000 instruments
City Index
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Financial Conduct Authority, A...

CFDs are leveraged products and can result in the loss of your capital. All information collected on 1/11/2017.

The Ultimate Guide to

Choosing a Broker
For Brokers For Trading EUR/CHF

Not sure which broker is right for you?

Don’t worry - we’ve got you covered. In this guide, you’ll learn:


Part 1

Why Choose City Index
For Brokers For Trading EUR/CHF?

City Index scored best in our review of the top brokers for brokers for trading eur/chf, which takes into account 120+ factors across eight categories. Here are some areas where City Index scored highly in:

  • 34+ years in business
  • Offers 12500+ instruments
  • A range of platform inc. MT4, Web Trader, Tablet & Mobile apps
  • 24/7 customer service
  • Tight spreads from 0.5 pips
  • Used by 140,000+ traders
  • Allows hedging
  • 3 languages
  • Leverage up to 1:200

City Index offers three ways to trade: Forex, CFDs, Spread Betting. If you wanted to trade EURCHF through copy trading or other means, skip to part two.

The two most important categories in our rating system are the cost of trading and the broker’s trust score. To calculate a broker’s trust score, we take into account a range of factors, including their regulation history, years in business, liquidity provider etc.

City Index have a A trust score, which is good. This is largely down to them being regulated by Financial Conduct Authority, ASiC and MAS, segregating client funds, being established for over 34 years, and much more. For comparison:

Trust Score comparsion

City Index
Trust Score A
Year Established 1983
Regulated by Financial Conduct Authority, ASiC and MAS
Uses tier 1 banks
Company Type Private Private Private
Segregates client funds

The second thing we look for is the competitiveness of the spreads, and what fees they charge. We've compared these in detail in part three of this guide.

Part 2

Who City Index is (& Isn’t)
Suitable For

As mentioned, City Index allows you to trade in three ways: Forex, CFDs, Spread Betting.

Suitable for:

  • Spread Betting
  • CFD Trading
  • Forex Trading

Not Suitable for:

To trade with City Index, you'll need a minimum deposit of $100. City Index offers a range of different account types for different traders including a micro account, mini account, .

Finally, City Index isn't available in the following countries: CF, TD, CG, CG, CI, CU, GN, ER, GN, FR, GW, HT, IR, IQ, KR, LB, LR, LY, MM, NZ, NG, SL, SO, SD, SY, TM, UZ, VE, EH, YE, ZW. They do not offer islamic accounts either.

Part 3

A Comparison of City Index vs. vs.

Want to see how City Index stacks up against and ? We've compared their spreads, features, and key information below.

Spread & fee comparsion

The spreads below are illustrative. For more accurate pricing information, click on the names of the brokers at the top of the table to open their websites in a new tab.
City Index
Fixed Spreads
Variable Spreads
EUR/USD Spread 0.5
GBP/USD Spread 2.1
DAX Spread 1.0
FTSE 100 Spread 1.0
S&P500 Spread 0.4

Comparison of account & trading features

City Index
Spread type Fixed
EUR/USD Spread 1983
EUR/GBP Spread Financial Conduct Authority, ASiC and MAS
Crude Oil Spread
Gold Spread Private Private Private
DAX Spread

Part 4

What is the EUR/CHF?

The EUR/CHF currency pair is one the crosses of the euro and is the price of the Euro in relation to Swiss franc. According to the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) the EUR/ CHF is highly liquid and had a turnover of $44 billion in 2016, up 0.9% from 2015. In a 52 week period, the Euro traded at a low of 1.0626 and a high of 1.113. Between February and March the EUR/CHF hovered roughly between 1.06 and 1.08, and the current spot price is 1.0733. There is a remarkable correlation between the EUR/USD and USD/ CHF. When the dollar swissy rallies, the EUR/USD dollar sells off. This correlation is often weaker intraday.

What are the Fundamental influences of the EUR/CHF?

The fundamental drivers of the EUR/ CHF are chiefly political and economic. In the EU interest rates are set by the ECB and in the Switzerland the Swiss National Bank determines rates. Political uncertainty in Europe often sees the Swiss franc gaining against the euro. If on the other hand, the ECB increases interest rates the euro will strengthen against Swiss franc. Politics is major influence on EUR/CHF, and since the Brexit vote the Euro has fallen against the Swiss franc, although it has staged a modest recovery. Interest rates and policy developments impact on the EUR/ CHF vis-à-vis the USD/ CHF and the EUR/USD.

3 Factors that could influence the EUR/CHF in 2017

The Eurozone faces many downside risks currently including interest rates developments in G8 countries and sluggish employment particularly in France, while Brexit adds another layer of uncertainty. Persistent high unemployment in France, 9.6% for all and 26% for the young, is not Euro positive and could fuel further weakening. The high unemployment could see a Le Pen win, and the Swiss Franc make rapid gains against the euro. Across the Atlantic, despite the promise of fiscal stimulus from the Trump administration, the dollar could rally from its current weak levels, providing further downside risks for the EUR/CHF. The Swiss Franc continues to maintain its status as a safe haven currency , especially in uncertain times such as Brexit.

How to trade EUR/CHF:

LCG trader offers clients access to over 5000 instruments across seven asset classes. New and novice clients can benefit from no minimum deposit requirements. Clients are required to have sufficient funds to cover margin requirements. Leverage is calculated in terms of tiers and margin group. Tier one offers the highest leverage of 500 on major forex pairs. The margin call level is set a 10%. LCG provides valuable tutorials and in-depth charts.

Trade the EUR/CHF with a FOREX/CFD Broker

Forex and CFD broker London Capital Group offers several trading accounts including a standard account. The trading platform is intuitive and easy to understand including pip spreads and leverage. Traders do not pay commission and the broker earns revenue on spreads.

Here is an example of a standard account for trading the EUR/CHF at London Capital Group:

• Ave spread 2.6
• Min trade size 0.01 Lot
• Pip position 0.0001
• Value of 1 pip/lot CHF 10
• Max Leverage 1:50


The EUR/CHF is popular to trade because it is a liquid and stable currency but subject to volatility from time to time, such as the sharp fall of the Euro in early 2015 when the Swiss National Bank unpegged the Swiss Franc against the Euro. A FOREX/CFD broker can help you make the most of such opportunities.

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