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dealCancellation is a feature on the easyMarkets trading portal that gives clients the ability to undo their trading actions within one hour if they believe the markets are moving against them, protecting them from losing their capital. easyMarkets launched dealCancellation in 2016.

In a fast moving industry, where new technology is released regularly, dealCancellation stands out as being a unique and innovative feature for clients wishing to reduce trade risk.

The dealCancellation feature was created by ORE, who are an easyMarkets stage supplier. The feature is therefore exclusive to the easyMarkets platform, and is not catered for within their Meta Trader 4 offering.

How dealCancellation Works

dealCancellation gives clients the option of deleting a trade up to 60 minutes after submitting the initial trade request. Therefore, if an exchange is moving in the wrong direction, leading to a loss, the client can change their mind about the trade, without risking the margin deposited. The 60 minutes countdown commences when the trade is activated. In order to activate the feature, the trader will be required to pay a fee when they open the trade. This is calculated based on the volatility of the market they are choosing trade in.

easyMarkets dealCancellation
Image: easyMarkets.com

Advantages of dealCancellation

  • Enables clients to reverse their decision to trade within an hour.

  • The feature can be applied for a wide range of products, including currencies, and commodities such as gold and oil, amongst others.

  • Acts as a ‘security net’ for clients, allowing them to take full advantage of the high leverage that easyMarkets offer, of up to 400:1.

  • The fee is transparent: the cost of using the dealCancellation feature is clearly displayed before a trader places the deal.

  • If a client’s stop-loss level is reached inside the eligible dealCancellation period, their amount to risk value is still returned.

  • Traders are not required to use the feature, even if it is available for use on their particular trade.

Disadvantages of dealCancellation

  • The feature is exclusive to the easyMarkets platform and is not available to use on any other stage, restricting clients to this platform if they want access to the feature.

  • The feature is not available for all trades; only a limited number of cash pairings are eligible for dealCancellation. Although, where the dealCancellation feature is available, an icon will be clearly displayed, allowing it to be enabled before the trade is placed.

  • dealCancellation attracts a fee, and this is non-refundable. It is levied whether the deal is cancelled within the eligible period or not.

  • The fee is set according to the recent market volatility of the traded product, which means that it will be much higher during volatile market conditions.

  • If exchange rates fluctuate, this may cause the margin to risk value deposited to be different to the amount returned, following currency conversion.

Comparison to Guaranteed Stop Loss Orders

Although the dealCancellation feature is unique to easyMarkets, there are similar features in the market place. With a Guaranteed Stop Loss Order (GSLO) offered by regulated brokers such as CMC Markets, for example, for a small premium, the position is closed at a price specified by the trader in advance. This differs from a traditional stop loss, as with the latter, the order is sold at the next available price once stop loss is triggered. During periods of high market volatility, this can be significantly different to the stop loss price requested. With a GSLO, the price specified is the price received, regardless of market volatility. This still, however, will only serve to minimise losses on an order, and will not return the initial margin. Traders will therefore need to weigh up whether the level the GSLO is set to, plus the premium, are better value than the easyMarkets dealCancellation fee when considering which feature is better suited to their trading strategy. One advantage with regards to the premium paid for a Guaranteed Stop Loss Order is that 50% of it is returned if the feature is not triggered. Also, it can be moved at no extra cost.


All traders understand the anxious anticipation that occurs before each trade is placed; not knowing which way a trade is going to go, and whether it will result in a loss or not. With easyMarkets dealCancellation, however, the element of risk is reduced as it means that the trader is not committed to their decision and has the ability to change their mind. That said, the feature comes at a cost, and traders need to weigh up whether they are comfortable with the risk of paying the fee, which is higher during volatile market conditions. Taking out a Guaranteed Stop Loss Order, which is a feature offered by CMC Markets and other regulated brokers, may be a suitable alternative for those wanting to reduce potential losses on an order.

The feature certainly has its advantages for the risk averse, however it is not intended to support reckless trading behaviour of any kind.