ETX Binary Platform

Binary Options Trading with ETX Capital

Binary options is becoming an increasing popular trading style and ETX Capital is one of the most trusted and established brands in the trading industry that provide the service. From one-touch options to long and short positions, there are a wealth of choices available for traders interested in binary options.

ETX Binary Platform Features

Binary option formats:

  • High/Low
  • Short options
  • One touch
  • Spread High/Low
  • 60 seconds up to 1 month
  • Trade all the major markets
  • Stakes from as low as $15 up to $2,000
  • Payouts from 65% up to 100%

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ETX Binary Options Markets

ETX Capital understands the fact that all traders have personal preferences and trading styles so they offer a wide range of instruments to suit all traders. With ETX you can trade binary options with all four of the major financial markets including:

  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Stocks

Flexible Entry Levels

There are many different types of traders. Some may only focus upon one-off day trades while others could instead be interested in larger levels. Therefore, ETX Binary provides entry levels between $15 dollars to $2,000 dollars (or the equivalent in euros and pounds). Lower levels can help to minimise the inherent risks involved while larger sums are ideal for professionals.

Binary Trading Platforms

Any binary trade is only as efficient as the platform which is utilised. This is the primary reason why ETX Capital presents the client with a number of unique options. In particular, ETX Binary is specifically designed to be used within this sector. Some of the features which have served to define this system include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Trades as long as one month and as short as 60 seconds.
  • The inclusion of currency pairs (Forex positions).
  • Customisable formats.
  • Intuitive software.

These features will enable both novices and institutional traders alike to capitalise on even the most discrete of movements. The minimum deposit required to open up a binary trading account is $100 dollars (the equivalent in pounds and euros).

ETX Binary Mobile Platform

Thanks to proprietary software, traders can now access these very same features through the use of a smartphone or a tablet. Both Android and iOS operating systems are currently supported. This will help any individual to enjoy a competitive edge and due to the fact that binary positions can change within a short period of time, keeping abreast of the latest movements while out and about is critical.

The Interactive Edge

All charts and graphs on the ETX Binary platform are intuitive while providing real-time displays of details such as the position of open trades, the time left before the trade expires and the current price. This enables clients to make educated decisions when they are required the most. Please keep in mind that other platforms such as TraderPro and Meta Trader 4 are likewise available when one registers for an account.

Binary trading is not without its risks and regardless of the platforms offered, any account should only be activated after the client appreciates the hazards involved and has a significant amount of spare capital to allocate into a specific position.

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