ETX Capital Mobile Trading Apps

ETX Capital is a popular choice for traders looking to open a trading account with a trusted and reputable broker. The broker is a member of the London Stock Exchange and has authorisation from the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. Traders get access to numerous FX pairs and derivatives from different markets. It has three trading platforms that suit different needs which are the ETX Trader pro, ETX MT4 and ETX Binary platforms. Mobile devices and computers have changed trading practices in modern days. Traders now look at how convenient it is to trade with a certain broker before making a decision. Offering a mobile trading platform is one of these conveniences. ETX Capital is fulfilling this need with its various mobile apps across different platforms such as Android and iOS.

ETX Capital Mobile Trading

The mobile trading platform that ETX Capital provides for traders allows access to an account with the same login details as on a desktop. Traders can carry out a lot of trading activities on the mobile platform. If you want to deposit or withdraw from the account, the mobile platform allows it. Transferring money in and out becomes less of a hassle. The app provides secure encryption, so traders don’t have to worry about the security of transactions. Traders can also open and close trades on their mobile devices. It means that you can trade from anywhere as long as you have a mobile device close by.

The popularity of ETX Capital among traders extends to different countries. To cater to these various traders, the ETX mobile trading app has multiple language features. Traders can use the app in Chinese, Portuguese, Hungarian, Turkish, Greek, Irish, and French, just to mention a few. With the mobile app, a trader can set alerts for price levels. It also provides access to monitoring tools that make it possible to keep up with the markets.

Some ETX Capital services are not available when using the mobile trading platform, though. For instance, if a trader wants to get education resources, they would have to log into the PC version. The same goes for checking all the assets and derivatives that ETX offers for trading.

Compatible Devices

To ensure that a majority of traders get the app on their devices, ETX Capital has different versions. Traders can get the app on Android devices (smartphones and tablets), iPad and iPhone. These apps can be downloaded from Google Play Store and iTunes.

The look of the ETX Capital mobile app simplifies trading significantly. Traders using the app can switch from one trading platform to another. On Android and IOS, the app offers clear icons that users have to tap to operate.

GO for iPad

ETX Capital has a new iPad app called GO which is “developed by traders for traders.” With this particular app, traders can customise the screen layout to make it easier to monitor trades. Users can trade directly from the chart, and there is also a drop and drag feature.

A lot of people use their mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) for a lot of things. Mobile trading makes it possible to play the market without being tied down to a desktop computer. With ETX Capital mobile apps, trading is on the go. In cases of problems with the mobile trading apps, the broker has customer care services that a trader can turn to. There is also demo account that a trader can start with before registering for a real account.

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