How We Make Money

At BrokerNotes, editorial decisions are independent and impartial, and our broker evaluations are always unbiased.

We will never accept compensation to boost ratings or Trust Scores (we don’t do “pay-to-play” here), and our evaluations are based on thousands of hours of in-depth research. Any revisions of our content are solely based on our research and testing methodologies.

Our opinions simply can’t be bought – by anyone. So, how do we make money?

We make money in two ways; we feature clearly labeled advertising on some of our pages, and we partner with financial service providers for affiliate relationships.

Our partners compensate us for referrals completed from affiliate links – but they can’t pay us to alter a review, modify an opinion, or inflate a Trust Score.

Our Editorial Principles

  • If we love a service or company, we’ll tell you – no matter what.
  • If we think a company or service has room to improve (or should be avoided altogether), we’ll let you know – no matter what.
  • If we’ve determined that using a broker or service provider puts your money at risk, we’ll say so – no matter what.

Here are a few things that we’ll never do to make money:

  • We never change our opinion of a product or service, or modify our evaluation process to gain or preserve an affiliate partnership.
  • We never highlight (or deliberately conceal) a specific product or service to gain or maintain an affiliate relationship.
  • We never alter our proprietary data-driven algorithms (like Trust Score) to favor an affiliate partner.
  • We never share marketing revenue information or advertising campaign data with our researchers or our editorial team.

Your trust in us, alongside the trust of the industry as a whole, is of the utmost importance to our mission. To that end, we want to be open with our readers about who our partners are – click here to take a look at a list of our current partners.