CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. Between 74-89% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

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Between 54-87% of retail CFD accounts lose money. Based on 69 brokers who display this data. *Availability subject to regulation.

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The Protrader Trading Platform

Protrader is a trading platform created by financial software developers, PFSOFT, who have been creating trading software solutions since 2003. The Protrader platform is an international, multi-asset, direct market access trading platform, which has been integrated with over 20 different liquidity providers.

Platform Types

The Protrader platform comes in various versions. These versions are as follows:

  1. Protrader desktop and web trader

  2. AlgoStudio

  3. Protrader mobile (android and iOS)


Protrader is not just another trading platform. It is an all-encompassing trading application which combines the power of professional trading tools with a fully customisable user interface. It is a truly advanced professional trading platform that offers numerous tools for technical analysis.

Protrader gives the user access to various markets on a low-latency basis. With Protrader, the following functions can be performed:

  • Multi-asset trading

  • Market analysis

  • Algorithmic strategies development

  • Risk management

Protrader also offers the following:

  • Multiple market trading and executions all in one platform

  • Pricing that is free of conflict of interest

  • Ability to hedge trades

  • Direct market access

  • Ultra-low latency trading facilities

  • Low monthly fees for data and news

  • Personalised 24-hour trade support with an easy account registration process


AlgoStudio is the platform module that Protrader offers its users for the programming and back testing of algorithmic trading strategies. The AlgoStudio programming environment works with the C# programming language. Users can perform the following functions:

  • Scripting of strategies

  • Debugging

  • Strategy optimisation

  • Back-testing

  • Forward testing and optimisation

The platform can also generate real time stats on the performance of a strategy.

Protrader - Trading Platform

Protrader – Trading Platform

Protrader Mobile

Protrader also comes in mobile versions, built for tablets and smartphones that run on iOS and Android OS.

Protrader - Mobile Versions

Protrader – Mobile Versions

Traders can download these platforms from the app stores Google Play for Android and App Store for iPads and iPhones. With these mobile apps, users can trade from anywhere with an internet connection, on Forex, stocks, CFDs and futures assets.

The Protrader Interface

You can customise the Protrader interface to suit your personal preferences. Here is what you can customise.

Table Filters and Alerts

You can trim your trading workspace and customise it for quick implementation of your strategy by the use of table filters.

Protrader - Table Filters

Protrader – Table Filters

Customisable Toolbar

Use the fully-customisable toolbar to create your own platform features.

Protrader - Customise Toolbar

Protrader – Customise Toolbar

Colours and Data Appearance

Adjust the colours and appearance of the trading environment to make it as visually appealing as possible. Both light and dark colour schemes are available. Personalise colours, fonts, data displays and charts, then save your preferences.

Protrader - Change Preferences

Protrader – Change Preferences

Create Multiple Workspaces

Create and save the trading environment just as you like it. You can create as many workspaces as desired and click on each to switch from one workspace preference to another.

Protrader - Create Workspaces

Protrader – Create Workspaces

Order Types on Protrader

Various types of orders can be used in different market situations. The order types available on our platform are:

  1. Market Order

A market order is an instruction to the broker to buy or sell a specified asset immediately at the prevailing market price.

  1. Limit Order

Limit orders are used to buy or sell in the market at predefined price levels which will attract less future cost to the trader. We have buy limit and sell limit orders.

  • Buy Limit orders are set below the market price and are intended to get the best possible pricing when the expectation is for prices to fall before they rise.

  • Sell Limit orders are placed above the market price so as to get the best pricing for entry when the expectation is for prices to rise before falling.

  1. Stop Order

Stop orders are used commonly to protect against large losses by setting predefined exit positions. Stop losses are placed above market sell orders and below market buy orders.

  1. Trailing Stop Order

A Trailing Stop order is a type of stop order which has a trigger price that follows the market price when it is advancing in the direction of the trade order and remains unchanged when prices start to retreat against the position. This order is used to lock in gains on a trade.

Tools for Trading on Protrader

What are some of the tools that traders will find interesting on Protrader? Some of the important ones are described below.

  1. Chart Trading

Chart trading enables the trader to send orders with one click of the mouse button. Position your computer mouse on the price level you want to buy or sell at, then click to use any of the order buttons:

  • limit or stop order

  • market orders

Protrader - Chart Trading

Protrader – Chart Trading

  1. Market Depth – Quick Buttons

You can profit from quick market opportunities with the one-click function. This is done directly from the market depth area. By using special buttons with customisable pips increments, this process reduces the time it takes to set your order prices, enabling you to respond quicker to trading opportunities.

Protrader - Market Depth

Protrader – Market Depth

  1. Basket Trading

Users can save certain order characteristics into a basket and call them up whenever they are needed. With basket trading, it is possible to:

  • Predefine order sets, then execute them all at once using a single click

  • Open positions on several assets at the same time

  • Save sets of orders that have been arranged and customised in the basket to be accessed later when needed

  • Allocate lot sizes for all orders easily

Protrader - Saved Orders

Protrader – Saved Orders

  1. Order Management

There are several hit buttons to achieve easier management of orders. It is possible to:

  • Cancel orders by type, side, TIF, P/L or selected ones

  • Modify any order

Protrader - Order Management

Protrader – Order Management

  1. Quick Position Management

Monitor and manage all open positions using the hot buttons from a single interface. It is possible to close positions, reverse positions, and cancel orders using the CLX button.

Protrader - Positions

Protrader – Positions

Protrader Multi Connect (PTMC)

PTMC is based on the Protrader technology, but is an easy solution for brokers to integrate with their systems via APIs. Currently, regulated broker ,FXCM, offer this technology.